When you mention the coffee scene to a Copenhagen insider, the term that proceeds it is often ‘cutting edge’. But that notion, when mixed with a Scandi aesthetic, may elicit ideas of sparse, spartan spaces of blond wood, minimalism, and apathy at the pumps.

Let’s cast that assumption aside right away; the city’s coffee is made with love and care at every level, from the sourcing to the grinding, the blending, the roasting and the rest, made with a passion to rival any city on the planet. Combine that with that all important Danish emphasis on the cosy and convivial, and you’ve got yourself the perfect blend.

We’re heading to the city’s hippest neighbourhood to get our caffeine fix with our pals; the timekeepers and coffee drinkers Nordgreen, at these 5 IDEAL coffee shops in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.


We had to start here. Was there even coffee in Copenhagen before the Coffee Collective opened? It’s hard to miss it now, with branches in Jaegersborggade (where we’re at today) Bernikovsgade, Gothersgade and Torvehallerne food market.

The approach to coffee is holistic, starting with a close working relationship with farmers and attention to sustainable production, all the way down to their coffee school offering everything from classes on the best home brewing techniques to the skills needed to be a barista. Needless to say, the final product here is superb. If you’re to only drink one coffee (one?! who are you?) while you’re in Copenhagen, make it here.

Website: coffeecollective.dk
Address: Jægersborggade 57, 2200 København, Denmark 

5 of the best coffee shops in NØRREBRO, COPENHAGEN©The Coffee Collective Facebook


Winners of the best breakfast in town in 2015, and certainly not resting on their laurels since, Møller also serves a damn good bean juice, shipped in straight from the Coffee Collective. Their motto reads that the first meal of the day should be ‘an inspiration’ and this level of energy is channelled into their produce; a trip the Danish capital wouldn’t feel complete without a brekkie (brunch, or lunch; they serve until 3pm) of their dark focaccia bread or fermented plate of sourdough, tabasco and prunes.

Website: www.moellerkbh.dk 
Address: Nørrebrogade 160, 2200 København, Denmark 

5 of the best coffee shops in NØRREBRO, COPENHAGEN©Møller Kaffee Facebook 


The ace up local favourite Arrebo’s sleeve is their street side seating in a perfect sunspot for a bright, crisp day we so love to spend in Copenhagen. The food menu is lead by organic produce with a wellness bent, the vibe is welcoming and the coffee strong. What more could you ask for?

Address: Midgårdsgade 1, 2200 København, Denmark

5 of the best coffee shops in NØRREBRO, COPENHAGEN© Arrebo Facebook


With a total of eight coffee shops across town, they must be doing something right. The Original in Norrebro is where we find ourselves today, twitching slightly from our fourth espresso of the day. But this is a special place worth agitating for, with bench seating right on the Sortedams Sø lake. When the sun sets and the light shimmers off the water, there really is no better place to be. Original Coffee’s commitment to coffee extends to their local micro roasting business, allowing for quality control which translates into great product.

Website: originalcoffee.dk
Address: Sortedam Dossering 9, 2200 København, Denmark 

© 5 of the best coffee shops in NØRREBRO, COPENHAGENoriginalcoffee.dk


Two ingredients for a great cafe are both present and correct here; they have their own bakery and they roast their own speciality coffee. Go alone for their famous and exceptionally delicious almond croissant or one brushed with espresso, stay for the freshly ground, roasted inhouse mug of the good stuff.

Website: www.andersenmaillard.dk 
Address: Göteborg Pl. 19, 2150 Nordhavn, Denmark

Joseph Gann
Joseph Gann
Chef and food writer, with an interest in mental health and mindfulness

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