Who says building and construction is only for boys? If you’re looking for a career that you can count on, where there will always be work and that gives you a sense of accomplishment (I built that) then take a chance on building a career in construction. Some women think it’s the best job they’ve ever had. However, to survive it is essential to have a solid foundation on which to develop your career, and with this in mind, here are our 5 IDEAL tips on how to build success in the construction industry.


The reason knowledge is power is that it provides you with the tools to solve problems. One issue those who don’t go to university risk is a lack of education, both formal and informal. If you want to carve out a career in construction, the knowledge gap needs plugging. Start by considering extra courses which will boost your skill set. Online universities offer lean production classes from the comfort of your home, while medical training seminars are also available. For employers, it is much better to have an employee who approaches the position thoughtfully and well-informed, therefore eliminating the risk of mistakes.


The construction industry is just like any other in the fact that it has a whole host of areas in which you can shine, and where your specific skillset can help you thrive. However, recently there has been a rise in people going into the industry due to the perceived benefits, without having the necessary passion. This is problematic because extra people means fiercer competition, making it harder to stand out from the crowd. The solution is to find a niche and work on becoming the main authority in that sector. Then, when anyone needs help or advice, yours will be the face which firsts comes to mind. Even if rivals edge in, a niche is a great way to get a foothold in the industry.


Office politics exist on-site just as much as they do in an office, the only difference being it isn’t confined to four walls. Simply put, the people who you work with have an impact on your career as they hold the keys to all the doors. Get on the wrong side of them and it could be the end of your fledgling life on the construction site. As a rule, try and engage with people when possible to show off your personality, but don’t go overboard. Also, don’t get dragged into picking sides as it burns bridges. Keep your head down, work hard, and have some fun.


Scouring the industry for opportunities applies to both your current job and potential new roles. No one wants to stagnate, so seizing your chance when it comes is vital. In your current position, this might include working weekends to show you’re reliable. However, if you have to turn away from the firm, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere. It is hard because you will feel a sense of loyalty, but you have to do what is best for your career.


We all suffer knockbacks. View them as a natural part of the process, and a learning tool on your route to progress. Failure is only failure if we don’t take a lesson from it. Adopt this positive mindset and you’re sure to go far in the construction industry.