Sometimes we all feel like we need that little extra help to get the most out of our lifestyle. It’s believed by many that crystals help you live a better life, whether that’s by reducing stress or even increasing your luck. There are many ways these magical stones can help you see life in a different way. Sara Doone from The Intuitive Pathfinder describes 5 ways crystals can enhance your life.


HOW IT HELPS – helps you tell your crush you like them.

Blue Lace Agate will help you to speak more freely, getting rid of any anxious thoughts. It will encourage you to be clearer when explaining your feelings. Whether that means telling your crush you have feelings for them, or just being more open with your friends, this is the crystal you need.


HOW IT HELPS – eases those PMS symptoms & gets you in tune with your inner goddess.

A day spa in a crystal, helping you to feel deeply relaxed, especially after a long & stressful day at the office. If you suffer from PMS this stone will help you deal will those mood swings & tension. Rather than savaging your husband for not making the bed AGAIN, you’ll want to kiss him all over!


HOW IT HELPS – boosts your confidence & increases opportunity.

This crystal possesses a beautiful sunny energy. Sometimes known as the Merchants Stone – it can bring a wealth of abundance into your life. If you’re hoping for a pay rise, seeking a promotion or need a boost of confidence then this is the crystal for you.


HOW IT HELPS – helps you to feel supported & brings passion into your life.

This crystal is all about self-loving. It encourages you to self- care, helping you to look after yourself and others. It assists you in exploring your inner beauty, supporting you in matters of the heart.


HOW IT HELPS– helps you get over your ex

If you’re trying to get over your ex & your heart is still aching, then this crystal is the one for you. It takes the edge off your emotions, helping you to see things clearly – what an idiot he was to let you go.