As the old refrain goes ‘oh I do like to be seaside’. And who can argue with that sentiment, sung in a British accent with a quirky music hall backing track? Pickled cockles from polystyrene cups, skimming pebbles which land just once, collecting and comparing shells, shaking off sand from your shoes…it’s nostalgia in abundance and we love it. Though summer is now most definitely over, there’s nothing quite like a seaside break on a cool, crisp British autumn day. With that in mind, here are 5 IDEAL destinations for a seaside holiday in the UK.


Situated on the east coast of England, the Suffolk Coast is a charming place seemingly lost in time. You can take a marine tour in Ipswich, enjoy a stroll in Woodbridge’s peaceful coastal hamlet, explore the mysterious and isolated Orfordness beach, and sprawl on the golden sand of Southwood Beach. Activities popular in the region include hiking, bird watching, wine-tasting, art performances, windsurfing, and boat riding. Suffolk’s rich culinary heritage makes it a special spot for foodies, too, especially seafood lovers; all part of the great British seaside experience, don’t you think? If you are looking for a nice place to stay during your visit, can help you find a sea view cottage. 


Sitting on the south coast of England with around 90 miles of shoreline, the county of Sussex includes perhaps the quintessential seaside experience in the UK. Yep, a stroll along Brighton seafront, picking teddies on the pier, checking out cheesy souvenir shops, a smoked kipper roll in one hand, a plastic pint of flat lager in the other, is about as perfect a day out as we could imagine. Though the pull of the ocean’s tide is strong, don’t neglect to stroll inland, where the Laines, Pavillion and funky Kemptown all have something to offer. Brighton is also one of the country’s culinary capitals; check out our tips on its best restaurants here.


If you’re looking to embark on a mythical quest to unearth discoveries you never thought you would ever find, Cornwall is the place to tour. It’s a destination full of magic and mystery. Each corner of Cornwall’s coastline tells a conflicting story, and its landscape includes misty clifftops, majestic rocks rising out of the sea, tranquil coves, relaxed villages, and lively beaches.

The must-see places include St Michael’s Mount island castle, Newquay beach, Falmouth maritime museum, Padstow harbour, and Port Isaac fishing village. If you’re after some top draw fish cookery, then one of the finest fish chefs in the world, Nathan Outlaw, owns two fantastic restaurants in Port Isaac, making the very most of the area’s finest produce. Which of course equates to some bloody nice seafood.


Looking for unique? You won’t get anywhere more so than The Isle of Wight. It possesses enchanting clear waters and gorgeous vast sands where you can bask, swim, surf, and take boat rides. This is all thanks to its very own micro climate, due to its position as one of Britain’s southernmost points, being south facing and the fact the town itself is protected by surrounding chalk downs. Visit the Ventnor Botanic Garden to appreciate its special geographical position; here you’ll see exotic flora flourishing.

What’s more, you can visit Queen Victoria’s royal palace to learn some heritage, Dinosaur Isle for a prehistoric treat, and Dimbola Museum & Galleries for fun art and culture. Oh, and did we mention it’s consistently found to be the UK’s sunniest place? Seaside, here we come!


When you mention the words beach and Wales together, it’s usually a more troubling image of the world’s largest marine mammal that comes to mind. But to play word association like this would be to miss out on the largely undiscovered, wholly beautiful beaches of the country. That’s a country with 157 miles of coastline, much of which is rugged and arresting in equal measure. 

Head to Pembrokeshire in the south (just under two hours from the capital) for a selection of the finest stretches of sand and surf; both Broad Haven beach and Barafundle beach have been bestowed with the Blue Flag award which celebrates water quality and environmental protection of beauty spots worldwide. What’s more, in 2017 the latter was named as one of the world’s best beaches by Passport Magazine. You’ll never want to leave.