Get you. We’re impressed. The conscientious, careful shopper getting their Christmas shopping done before the first chords of Mariah Carey have even rung out. The spirit of the season is alive and well in you. But there’s no shame in admitting that you’re a little stumped on what to actually buy the little ones; the affliction of the modern world is that they seem to have all the things they need already, at the touch of a button. The intention is there, though, and that’s the main thing. We’ll do the rest, with these; our 5 IDEAL gifts for the kid who has everything.


As a parent, you might steer your kids away from arts and crafts because you’re worried about paint on the walls and rude words scrawled on the fridge (just us? Move along, then, nothing to see here), because let’s face it, no one wants to wake up to an art project somewhere it shouldn’t be. But these types of activities have many physical, social, and cognitive benefits for your kids. So, with those two thoughts combined, if you’re worried about the mess that art projects create, but also want to fuel the passion of art in your kids, we’ve got the perfect gift idea.

The Amazing Flower Kit includes everything your child needs to make a stunning bouquet, and does not require glue or scissors, making it a safe and easy project to clean up. There are forty-eight multi-coloured foam flowers like the daffodil, orchid, poppy, and many more gorgeous, easy-to-assemble blooms. Stems for the flowers are also included with a detailed instruction manual and facts about each flower. Both fun and educational, then, which is exactly the type of Crimbo gift we’re here for.


If your children are obsessed with sea creatures and aren’t afraid of sharks (a brave, admirable combo indeed) this Great White Shark Anatomy Model is the perfect gift. We think it’s safe to say that all kids love animals and have a voracious appetite for facts, figures and detail regarding them. So, whether your child shows an interest in biology or becoming a veterinarian, or they simply love sharks, they’re guaranteed to learn all about the anatomy of the Great White shark with 20 detachable organ parts that they put together in 4D. The model teaches them how these organs work together and just how different (and in many ways, similar) sharks are to humans. It’s a great teaching tool for biology while being fun for everyone. Just don’t watch Jaws before embarking on this project.


If you think you have the next Marie Curie or Einstein on your hands, first of all; lucky you, potential parental fame awaits. Possibly. And the right gift to encourage such expansive, scientific thought? Well, anything from the John Adam STEM range of toys.

STEM toys are all the rage and for good reason — they encourage critical thinking, reason, problem-solving and more. The Kitchen Chemistry Kit is a favourite of ours since it uses common ingredients found in your kitchen; no need for long treks around town in search Xanthan Gum or the like. The kit comes with safety goggles, PH strips, food colouring and a 40-page instruction booklet. Or, try the regular chemistry set that offers hundreds of different experiments to try.


If your kid is an eco-warrior who is trying to do less harm to the planet, then good on them! Hopefully, the future is in better hands. You and the little one will be pleased to hear that many exciting brands now offer alternatives to plastic toys using recycled materials. One such company is Green Toys, who make toys from recycled plastic milk bottles. What’s more, the packaging is also fully recyclable, and all their toy choices are safe, non-toxic and contain no BPA, PVC, phthalates or external coatings, making Green Toys safe for all ages.


Should it be true that your child really does have all they need this Christmas – a safe, warm home, a loving family around them – then why don’t you pass on those warm vibes to someone less fortunate. Instead of splashing out on loads of expensive toys destined for that box under the bed or worse, landfill, consider donating to a children’s charity to help a child who needs it enjoy a safer, happier festive season. Here’s a useful list of 7 charities helping spread the Christmas love this year.