Okay, time to fess up; who’s created some truly weird dinner combinations in the past week? Tinned sardines with marmalade, anyone? Melted Christmas Quality Street over ice cream for dessert? Suddenly, even the cheese set on the mousetrap looks appealing. 

During this trying time, with supermarket shelves scantily stacked and getting a Glastonbury ticket easier than an Ocado slot, it can be tempting to turn to takeaways with increasing regularity. And that’s just fine; we’ve got the eat, after all, and many UK restaurants are offering take out options which we would’ve killed for in simpler times.  

But that doesn’t mean you should give in entirely to the pretence of staying healthy and maintaining a balanced diet during self isolation and lockdown. Indeed, restaurant take out and delivery doesn’t have to be calorific. Check out these for something more sustainable; our 5 IDEAL healthy takeaway options the whole family will love.


Around 1.2% of the UK population are vegan (as a comparison 3% of Americans are). And with each year, this number is rapidly increasing as we learn the health and environmental benefits of avoiding meat and dairy.

Fortunately for both those who follow a plant based diet and families keen to keep their diet varied, there are many vegan restaurants that create delicious food that your whole family will enjoy. Check out the hugely useful app and online resource Happy Cow to check out all the vegan restaurants near you doing takeout and delivery.


This is an incredibly trying time, and we’re certainly not judging you for seeking solace in a sirloin. But even your meat shopping and takeaway choices can be conscientious and health driven. In fact, many London restaurants, as well as plenty nationwide and even more across the pond in the States, are offering bespoke, home cooked versions of their classic dishes, using their usual access to high quality domestic produce.

Michelin starred Brat in Shoreditch, for instance, have turned their dining room into a temporary ‘deli and farm shop’, selling their iconic, wood fired anchovy flatbreads as well as the usual premium beef they serve in their restaurant.

So, if you’re in the mood for restaurant standard food, particularly when you’re craving meat, consider healthy restaurant food to go, knowing that the ingredients are of high quality rather than any mass produced garbage. Result!


A diet high in fruit, vegetables, olive oil, nuts and fish – the ‘Mediterranean Diet’ to many – is consistently said to be one of the healthiest around. If you are to order in, then, keep things healthy by ordering Greek, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Moroccan or Lebanese, to name but a few. Pour yourself a responsible glass of something light and drinkable, perhaps crack a window, and that’s a cheap vacation right there.


If you’re not feeling up to battling the queues and police escorts to access your local Waitrose, and your usual smoothie diet is under threat, then don’t fret; high street smoothie purveyors across the land are offering take out and delivery services of their usual blends of fruit and veg. And right now, we could all do with keeping our immune system fighting fit and are nutrition and nourishment at optimum levels.


Many of your city, town or village’s producers of great local, seasonal food will have recently set up delivery services to help get food to you in this time of crisis. And if there’s one positive to come from the crisis so far, it’s a population waking up to the importance (and fragility) of the food supply chain. Indeed, it’s been an eye opening experience regarding how much food we currently waste.

Suddenly, citizens are realising that the convenience of supermarkets isn’t the only shopping option out there. Support your local butchers, fishmongers, greengrocers and farmers (as well as your whole community by staying home and away from the supermarkets) by ordering deliveries and vegetable boxes. The quality of the produce is likely to be much higher, and you’ll be giving back to your community at a time of need. Absolutely essential.