Just as your car requires a yearly check up and you’re recommended to see your doctor for a regular once over, so your home also deserves the odd appraisal from time to time. This is particularly pertinent for the arrival of cooler, going into colder, weather. Because it seems that the frequency of domestic issues rise in tandem with the mercury’s falling, and as such it’s always best to be prepared for any eventualities. With that in mind, here are 5 IDEAL home maintenance checks for autumn.


Smoke detectors should be a priority in any household, as it is the only true defence that can prevent damage to possessions, injury or loss of life should a fire occur in the night. Smoke detectors will wear over time, decreasing in their sensitivity, so it’s imperative their batteries are regularly checked. As well as ensuring the batteries are replaced regularly, you should also aim to ensure that the device itself is up to date. A recommended replacement period is every ten years. In preparation for open fires in the home, now would be a good time to check yours.


Attic insulation is an interior check that’s all too often forgotten about. But, it’s worth checking it regularly for wear and tear. Recommended thickness can be up to 27cm, so if your insulation seems lacking, replace it as soon as you make this discovery; particularly important as temperatures drop and walls threaten to gather moisture and the dreaded damp.


Another essential check is to make sure no pests have found their way into your home, coming in from the colder evenings in search of warmth and nourishment. Mice or rats, for example, could enter your home from the most unlikely places, and find ways into your house through the drainage system and pipes. Keep an eye out for rats in drains, then and before they become a nuisance, reach out to expert pest control services. 


The fallen leaves of autumn are symbolic of a change in the seasons. They’re also a bit of a pain in terms of domestic maintenance tasks. It’s vital to clean your guttering regularly, but particularly during autumn, as build ups are more regular and you can help prevent long-lasting damage to the exterior of your home. 

Blocked gutters cause hassle, and can lead to a deluge of water where you don’t need it to be. This can lead to moss building which can block the guttering and lead to further water damage. If damp makes its way into your home through water running down the exterior wall, long term structural damage can occur. Vital, then, in the months of trees shedding their leaves, to keep on top of things.


If your finger has been hovering over the the thermostat recently, wondering if it’s okay to fire up the central heating, then you’re not alone. But hold on! Prior to doing that and after a period of laying dormant, it’s important that you bleed your radiators to avoid pockets of air from being trapped inside, affecting efficient energy usage and taking longer to heat your home. It’s fairly easy to do this; with the heating turned off, simply take a radiator key and open your radiator’s valves (this should be obvious as the item which can be turned with the key usually positioned on the side of the radiator). Then, be prepared to catch the drips that follow, which will slowly turn into a steady stream. Once that stronger stream is present, you’ve released all the air. Tighten back up and move on to the next one.