Time is a great healer, and never a truer word spoken, except in terms of our skin. Indeed, the simple passage of time and all that entails – the late nights, the long days…life – can wreak havoc on our once youthful visage. And even though the number of people using Botox treatments has skyrocketed, there’s no reversing it, that’s for sure, but it is possible to rewind the clock just a little, and present the most vibrant version of you there is, with these; our 5 IDEAL for age defying beauty.


It’s a piece of advice so often uttered that it’s practically public property, but still we do it, and do it regularly. And while that bronzed post-sunbed glow might have you looking more youthful temporarily, in the long run you’re much more likely to develop coarse, leathery, wrinkled skin prematurely, and worse, you’re greatly enhancing your risk of skin cancer. Yep, the only bed good for your skin as that one you sleep in (more of that later). Whilst cutting out the sunbed habit is important, it’s also vital to apply strong sun cream when out in the sun for extended periods, however counterintuitive that may feel for tan chasers.

Using fake tanning products is a much healthier route to walk down; a simple application of bronzer, a moisturiser which contains fake tan or a professional spray tan from time to time, for example, is going to give you that much longed for glow, but without the massive risks of U.V overexposure. And who wants to look like Donald Trump anyway?


Did you know that one-third of your skin is made up of water? So one of the best beauty aids around is also the most simple; stay hydrated. And this is one of those rare times when it really is as easy done as said. Just drink more of it. Lots more. Every time you allow yourself to become dehydrated, it impacts your skin. In the short-term this causes it to become dry and dull looking, in the long-term it can cause early onset ageing to occur. To ensure that your skin looks and feels healthy, aim to drink at least two litres of water a day, ideally more than that.

It keeps your skin cells plump and looking brighter, can help banish blemishes and improves skin tone and clarity. Plus water is a good deal cheaper than all those expensive anti-ageing creams many of us slap on every day, that’s for sure.


Exercise is without doubt one of the best things you can do for your body and brain. It can fight off depression, weight gain, heart disease and more. And you can add the effects of ageing to that list, too. Indeed, aerobic and cardio exercise is particularly good at protecting us from ageing at a cellular level. With the myriad other benefits that it brings, there really should be no excuse not to be lacing up those running trainers as soon as you’ve reached the end of this article.


Aside from a round of Botox, there really is nothing better for a smooth, taut facial complexion than a good night’s sleep. A lack of rest can result in a worsening of pre-existing skin conditions and the unannounced, unwelcome arrival of new ones too. On the flipside, getting your daily dose of those 7 to 8 hours will allow enough time for growth hormones to repair damaged cells. Yep, your ‘beauty sleep’ is a real, hugely effective thing.


Just as exercise has been hailed as a modern day miracle cure, sugar, it seems, is the antithesis, blamed for obesity, coronary issues, high blood pressure and yep, you guessed it, making you look older. It’s fairly easy, with a little willpower, to stay away from obvious sugars like chocolate, cakes and processed biscuits, but you should also be on the lookout for those sly sugars in disguise, too. These crop up stealthily in smoothies, salad dressings and cereals amongst other things, so always read the label carefully and wherever possible, make your food from scratch so you’ve got full control of how much goes into your food.


Rachel is the beauty and fashion director at IDEAL. She loves trying new products and is an avid fan of London's fashion, from the high end to the high street.