The pressures of moving house seem to come at you from all sides. Just when you’re looking forward and straight ahead, an unexpected hurdle trips you up; when the weight of upheaval is close to dragging you down, a mishap or miscalculation knocks you sideways. With all the big issues needing so much attention, it’s sometimes easy to neglect the little tasks that keep everything running smoothly and in place. So, while you contemplate the important stuff, keep one eye on this, our 5 IDEAL to-do list items before you move house.

Clean Your Existing Home

You’d be forgiven for being so focused on moving out that you neglect to get your current place ship shape and presentable. Unfortunately, this can cause a landlord or new tenant much frustration once you’ve flown the nest, and possibly incur you fines and penalties in the process. For this reason, you should consider hiring professional end-of-tenancy cleaning services, such as from Athcleaning, as experienced cleaners can get your place looking move-ready in no time, saving you the time and energy to focus on other administrative tasks.

Redirect Your Mail

The joy of a fresh start in a new neighbourhood will be somewhat tempered by having to knock on your old door to pick up your post, especially if you’re moving far away. Before you move out, then, you should change your address with the Post Office. Simply provide them with the moving out date, so they can quickly and easily redirect your mail to your new home, giving you peace of mind that important letters haven’t fallen into the wrong hands.

Set Up Utilities

You settle into your new home, a little worn and argued out, and dusty from the move. All you want is a long, hot shower. All well and good until you realise you don’t have any hot water or electricity. Avoid this by setting up utilities in your name, in advance – from the day you move in – so you’ll be accurately paying for your usage and not the previous occupants’. While we’re on the subject, get a final reading on your current meters and inform your providers so that you get the correct final bill. Most energy providers can redirect your bills to eliminate hassle and fuss.

Arrange Broadband And Digital T.V Packages

Both digital TV and broadband packages can provide you with a much needed reward at the end of, or distraction in the middle of, the moving in chaos. Get the installation of internet arranged for during the first week of moving into your new address, when you’re likely to be there. For many, a house is not a home until there’s favourite T.V programme grumbling away in the background.

Replace Carpets Or Flooring

Before you move a ton of furniture or belongings into your home, you should consider either cleaning or replacing your carpets, as this is the optimum time to do this with rooms sparse and uncluttered. This will prevent you having to move all your belongings from one room to another later down the line when wanting to add new flooring to your home. So while this may seem an unnecessary hassle and expense, it really does make sense in the long run.