Chevrolet Malibu. Could there be any two words more American sounding than those? Fist bump Libertas, take a king sized bite out of that apple pie you’ve been cooling on the window ledge, and hit the highway. Springsteen soundtracking, we think, is mandatory. But keeping that car driving all night is easier said than done. 

Now, the boring bit; maintenance plays a key role in keeping your vehicle in tip top condition, ensuring that it lasts longer and that you minimise fuel usage, too. So, if you don’t want those roadside breakdowns, or worse, a wreck on the highway, then conducting proper car maintenance is imperative. With that in mind, here are 5 IDEAL maintenance tips for your Chevy Malibu.


Though it can be oh-so-tempting to rev your engine at the lights and announce your Chevy’s presence to a wider audience, tearing off on green, middle finger raised to those in trearviewiew mirror, can be the catalyst for a whole catalogue of issues. Indeed, quickly accelerating your engine during start-up causes wear and tear. So, accelerate slowly when you start your drive. At red lights, always shift to neutral so as to allow the engine some time to rest. Handle your vehicle with the care it deserves and enjoy a longer time between repairs.


This isn’t only about aesthetics, though of course, those things matter, too. But regularly washing your vehicle keeps it clean, shiny, and most importantly, corrosion-free. Don’t forget to clean the interior too. Spilled liquids like soda and juices are often corrosive and accumulated dirt particles abrasive.  

The process? Well, thoroughly vacuuming the interior of the 2019 Chevy Malibu and wiping the dashboard lenses with a soft damp cloth is a good place to start. Also, remove mats and brush them down, ensuring all dirt is removed. Dry the mats in the sun and wait until they’re completely dry before placing them back in the vehicle.


Waxing your car protects its paint by slowing down oxidation and creating a barrier against pollution as well as those pesky bird droppings. An added bonus, we think, is the fact it makes the vehicle look luxurious by adding extra shine. Parking your vehicle in the shade prevents damage by UV rays and also protects its paint. If a shaded area isn’t available, utilise a car shade to reduce the sun’s impact.


As a car owner, it’s extremely important to change engine oil frequently. And this is particularly true if you’re maintaining a used car. This is because regular oil changes serve to flush abrasive dirt as well as metal particles out of the engine, hence prolonging its life. You should also replace old oil filters as they might contain debris.


Check your tyre pressure regularly and always keep them inflated to the required pressure. Don’t forget to look out for uneven wear. If the tire pressure is appropriately maintained, then uneven wear might indicate that it’s time for wheel alignment. It could also signal the presence of worn-out brakes, a bent wheel, or shock absorbers. You may also want to consider changing the car’s battery.

Like anything you cherish, it needs love, nurturing and input to keep things fully functioning and happy. Proper maintenance is essential, so don’t cut corners. Unless, of course, you’re racing in the street.