The Christmas party period is soon upon us, and with it the late nights, busy calendars and inevitable sore heads of the season. But there’s something we’ve noticed in recent years around the office during this time; chipper, positive attitudes and way less reaching for the paracetamol. We have abstinence to thank for that, or at least, a less full throttle approach to drinking. So, whether you’re teetotal or just trying to cut back, we reckon you’ll love these; our 5 IDEAL non or low alcoholic drinks for the festive season. 


This non-alcoholic ginger beer certainly has a kick, which is exactly the right injection of naughty you want in your healthy drink option. Offering a fiery smack on the lips and a lingering on the tongue that other non-alcoholic drinks so often lack, Rochester Ginger Drink is a whole lot of festive fun. You can drink this neat or diluted, and for us, it’s best enjoyed at room temperature, let down with a little tonic water. Delicious.

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Noughty but nice, it doesn’t matter where you fall on Father Christmases list, this dry sparkling wine (which is also vegan) is made from organic Chardonnay Grapes that come straight from the vineyards of Southern Spain. Magic is worked in the process, and its de-alcoholised and lightly carbonated to give it fizz. The result is a dry and crisp finish which would fool many budding sommeliers in a blind taste test. Since Christmas is a time for good cheer and cheersing, you’ll be proud to raise a glass of this when in toast.

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We said the non-alcoholic drinks market had upped its game. This is no more succinctly realised than with Seedlip Spice, a 0% spirit made in the same way as gin with a serious load of botanicals, and packing a similar punch flavour wise (but not inducing that maudlin drunkenness of Mother’s Ruin). The finish is complex with notes of clove and cardamom, and as such, it’s best served with a non-intrusive mixer such as tonic, and perhaps just a squeeze of mandarin. Delicious.

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Containing 0.5% alcohol, this is perhaps the best low alcohol beer we’ve tried yet. Full of flavor, grapefruit bitterness and with a pleasing treacle finish, it’s made from a blend of speciality malts and North American hops, and is super refreshing. Yep, the Nanny State will be keenly watching over the abstainers this festive season, making sure they get home safely and sober, but certainly satiated, too. Proof that flavour needn’t be compromised in the low-alcohol genre.

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You don’t have to be a saint, or even lucky for that matter, to wrap your lips around a bottle of this stuff.  Hotels, bars and restaurants across the country have taken to this one; fine dining and fancy places like the Connaught and The Berkeley, as well as more casual eateries like Dishoom, Honest Burgers and The Ivy Collection all stock the Lucky Saint. It remains full of flavour with real body and character, due to the clever recipe which combines just four natural ingredients: pilsner malt, hallertau hops, Bavarian spring water and their own single-use yeast.

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