It seems like overnight the leaves have turned brown. Sleeves have certainly been getting longer for some time. Stews have started to appeal and salads seem superfluous. We’ve found ourselves sizing up passing strangers’ sartorial choices as a way to justify an early introduction of a favourite fur coat. Yes, months and months of cold are upon us and we’re no happier about it than you are. There are ways though, as the lovely Scandinavians have taught us, to make the most of the colder seasons. Embrace cosiness with big, fuzzy jumpers, hot drinks and most of all, roaring fireplaces. Obviously, it’s not conceivable that you’re going to smash through a new chimney and build a fireplace out of bricks before the freeze sets in. Enter the gas or electric fireplace. Here are 5 IDEAL reasons to add one to your home.

The Ambiance

The flickering fireplace and the carefully positioned adjacent rug has been the backdrop to many a romantic movie scene – and we all know why. There’s nothing more atmospheric, cosy and all out embracing than a fireplace in the living room. Get the hot chocolate in, put the kettle on and invite the object of your affection round – it’s an absolute guarantee of a good time. Equally, a glass of whiskey and a good book next to the fire is the perfect evening for a bit of you-time.

The Focal Point

Every house needs a focal point; a place where people congregate naturally and conversation flows most readily. A fireplace draws people to it as soon as they’re through the door, which is a lovely positive on any house’s CV. Guests may arrive earlier and leave later, and if hosting’s your thing, then a fireplace focal point will be too. Companies like Real Flame have some gorgeous, wall mounted electric fires that we think are just the trick as the centre piece of the room.

Instant Heat

We all know what’s it like in the colder months; you come through the door and immediately turn the heating on……but it takes aaaaaages to actually kick in. By then you’ve called on last resorts – you’re under your duvet at 6pm, not to re-emerge until morning, or you’re in the sweater your grandma made you that you normally wouldn’t be seen dead in. A gas or electric fireplace won’t land you in the grave, then. Its effects are felt immediately, with an instant blast of hot air. The radiator may need warming up for what may seem like hours, but the fire place won’t let you down.

No mess

Embers, dust, splinters and more. There’s a large cleaning price to pay for a natural fire. A gas or electric fireplace provides the same flicker, the same warmth but with none of the mess. There’ll be no sweeping, no coal stains on your hands and no fuss. In this way, they’re much more efficient.

It’s Often More Sustainable

Do you care about the environment? Then a electric fire could be for you. Companies such a Smartfire provide sustainable alternatives to the traditional household fireplaces. The latter use a heck of a lot of coal and wood, both a drain on natural resources and a cause of pollution. Brands like this are environmentally conscious and have a vision of carbon neutral heating solutions that don’t emit poisonous or harmful emissions. We’re on board with that.

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Rachel is the beauty and fashion director at IDEAL. She loves trying new products and is an avid fan of London's fashion, from the high end to the high street.