Trampolining doesn’t just have to be something for the kids to do;  for fun or to tire them out before bedtime. If you’ve been spending hours at the gym or jogging, trying to shift a few pounds through rigorous routines, the idea that fitness could be fun may be pretty incomprehensible to you. Fear not though, it doesn’t have to be that way.

As a fitness activity, trampolining can offer a big benefits to your fitness and general wellbeing. Trampoline fitness classes are low impact and ideal for anyone with a sense of fun, unlike many other exercises which demand endurance and a sweaty, angry face. With this in mind, here are our 5 IDEAL reasons to get involved in trampolining classes.

It’s Suitable For Anyone

From small kids to grandparents, anyone can get involved and amongst it with a trampoline session. Depending on your comfort and ability level, trampolining can be as energetic or relaxing as you would like; it’s an exercise completely adaptable to the different needs of people. Classes are designed to be the perfect way for people from all walks of life to enjoy themselves whilst working on their fitness in a low-stress, friendly environment.

It’s More Physically Effective Than Jogging

When people think of a traditional way to workout, jogging is the method that first springs to mind. Just because trampolining can be excellent fun – frivolous feeling even – it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack a punch, physically.

Studies over the years have shown that a trampoline session can be just as effective, if not more so, than more conventional exercise routines. A 2006 research project by NASA actually showed that trampolining can be up to 70% more effective than jogging when carried out over a similar stretch of time.

Low Impact, Low Strain

Many conventional exercises, especially jogging, can prove to be incredibly high impact and place great strain on both your joints and muscles; no good for the injury prone or creaking boned among us. Trampolining is delightfully low impact so puts a lot less strain on your body. On top of this, jumping can actually help to build and strengthen your entire body to reduce the likelihood of injuries in the future.

The biggest surprise you’ll experience during a trampoline fitness class is that despite knowing you are working out every muscle, it is so low impact that you won’t feel like you are taking part in a high-intensity workout.

It’s A Full Body Affair

Much like swimming, trampolining is a way to work your entire body rather than just specific muscles. No more ‘missed leg day’ memes for you. With every bounce you make, you’re fighting against gravity, so every muscle from head to toe works together to lift you off the ground. Trampolining is especially adept at working the muscles of your abdomen and back, giving massive gains in core physical strength.

Improved balance

The movement involved with trampolining not only provides great exercise and an incredible, total body workout, it can also help improve your spatial awareness and balance over the course of time. As trampoline sessions involve every muscle and limb of your body working in tandem to get you in the air, your brain will train itself to know exactly what every limb and muscle is doing at any given moment, leading to much greater balance and coordination. Goodbye to being clumsy!

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