Slogan T-shirts have been around since forever and they’ve always carried some sort of message.  Today, the announcement the slogan tee makes reads like this; I’m hip, trendy and so very woke – and there’s nothing wrong with that in our eyes. 

From political views to comments heavy on the attitude and clever word play, wearers are able to broadcast all manner of message, all via a few simple words strewn across the chest. So, we’re here to celebrate the humble garment with 5 IDEAL reasons to wear a slogan T-shirt.


Need to get something off your chest?  A slogan t-shirt is a literal way to get what you want to say across. Fashion and feminism haven’t always gotten along, but in this instance, they’ve become bedfellows. From protesters at the women’s march to Rihanna wearing a pink ‘this p**sy grabs back hoodie’, women are using the slogan T to express themselves in a world which often tries to keep them silent.

As The Guardian says, ‘the power of a slogan t-shirt (is) to subvert the insidious misogyny of a culture in which women tend to be visible only if attractive, and even then are seldom granted a voice’.


The slogan T’s powers of persuasion don’t stop at feminism sympathising, though. It can – and has – been used for making all kinds of political statements and is also a brilliant way to demonstrate solidarity with something you believe in. You might want to express anger at Donald Trump and support for your favourite ‘nasty woman’, or remind the world how much you hate the Daily hate Mail, and sometimes there’s no easier way to get the message out there, loud and clear, than with a T-shirt.


Slogan T-shirts are a fantastic way to make a statement, but they also, simply put, get you noticed. How many times has someone walked towards you in the street and you’ve tried desperately to read their T-shirt before they, and it, pass you by? How many times have you – and all fellow commuters – tried to sneakily read the words proudly displayed on a tube passenger’s top? Wearing a slogan T makes you stand out.


A statement-shirt can also be ironic, amusing, cutting, bitchy, confident, and much more. It shows a sense of humour and gives licence to make jokes out of the wearer, in a self-referential, self-deprecating kinda way. As such, it makes you more approachable in the process. This can extend to pledging allegiance to bands, T.V shows and other elements of popular culture. So, whether you’re choosing life, imploring Frankie to relax or simply indicating your mate is a bit stupid, do it with a slogan T-shirt.


Now onto the fashion part; slogan T shirts have completely taken off on the catwalk, red carpet and streets. Paired with a pair of jeans and some trainers, a tee with a slogan on is a great fashion statement, but they can also be worn with a corduroy skirt, leggings, over a dress; anyway you want, really, as they’re a really versatile garment.