Seeking the perfect spot to enjoy a honeymoon worthy holiday? Wanting to avoid cliches like Paris and Venice? Yearning for something unique? Then Zanzibar should be at the top of your list.

The archipelago’s reputation as an island (or rather, collection of them) paradise is no hyperbole – if you’re into white sands, clear blue seas and island hopping galore, this is the place.  Situated just off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar has it all; the aforementioned white sand beaches and turquoise waters, as well as lush tropical forests with indigenous wildlife and the opportunity both to party and lay back, whichever your heart dictates. This exotic escape will steal that heart so completely that there’s a serious risk of wanting to stay here forever. So, here are 5 IDEAL reasons to honeymoon in Zanzibar.


Spectacular sunsets, sipping cocktails by the sea, endless stretches of white powdered sand to walk hand in hand down; love is most certainly in the air. What better way to affect honeymoon affection than the smell of scents of tropical flowers and the warm tropical breeze passing over you as you canoodle in a hammock together strung between two palm trees. Nugawi Village is probably the best beach on the island for that romantic walk, and Nakupenda offers the chance to frolic with snorkels and sealife when you’ve had enough of rolling around with your partner.


The problem with an island getaway is that it can become a little too cliched. Lying on the beach can become boring. Zanzibar is perfect, then, at keeping the seven-day itch at bay. If you and your spouse are adventurous types who can only stand the beach for so long then the archipelago has got you covered. Go on safari in mainland Tanzania or climb Mount Kilimanjaro, then round your honeymoon off with a relaxing beach getaway, with fishing, cooking classes, watersports and the rest – you’ll have activities aplenty and lots to talk about if the conversation gets stilted. We’d be a little worried about your future if you get bored here, that’s for sure.


Sure, an island paradise is bound to cater to those wanting to splurge, and there’s no better time to do so than on your honeymoon. Money ought be no object, so you can focus on the object of your desires full time, as it were. So, Zanzibar’s myriad all-inclusive resorts are a great option for those wishing to be pampered and not lift even their little finger.

But, for the more environmentally conscious, discerning, or for those on a budget, Zanzibar won’t leave you behind. There is Matemwe Lodge, which is a collection of 8 low slung beach villas or Green & Blue Ocean Lodge with 14. Both have a vibe of total relaxation and escape which the bigger resorts simply can’t provide. At the budget end of the spectrum, there are a good number of boutique joints doing things cheaply but with class – Casa Del Mar and the Zenji Hotel are two favourites.


Zanzibar has a vibrant energy and a unique and storied history, informed by its geographical location as part of Africa, but on the cusp of the Middle East and somewhat of a gateway to Asia. This rich melting pot of influence all adds up to something uniquely Zanzibarian.

There are a great number of cultural events happening across the islands, with music and sung poetry traditionally heard wherever you venture. Music is an obsession in fact; Zanzibar’s most famous son is Freddie Mercury, born here in 1946. Crafts are also a big part of the culture, and you’ll see some spectacular carved doors and intriguing Arabic architecture.


With an incredible variety of seafood, infused with spices (it’s called the spice island after all) and influences from Zanzibar’s unique location between Africa and the Arabic world, the food is truly one of a kind. There is nowhere better to experience it than The Rock Restaurant one of the most scenic restaurants in the world, we think.

Much of the most popular food of the archipelago has a Portuguese-Goan bent, so expect lots of rice and spiced stews and curries. Fish biryani is a speciality and perennially popular, and octopus curry takes pride of place at many special occasions. With the sea lapping at your feet, we think this is the perfect food.