There are so many compelling reasons for people to choose life in the city. There are more job opportunities, better chances for meeting people, and entertainment and food options simply not found in the countryside. There are, of course, also downsides; living somewhere so crowded and fast-paced can take its toll on your mind and body in unexpected ways. Busy cities demand more from you on a daily basis, of that there’s no doubt, and everyone reacts differently to this kind of energy – it’s either exciting and motivating or stressful and intimidating. Should you fall into the latter camp, then read on; our 5 IDEAL self care tips for those living in the city.


Many busy cities offer diverse transport options which make getting around so much easier than living in a remote part of the country. The convenience and speed is of course brilliant, but it is this very convenience that can also have a negative impact on your physical health. Suddenly, you’ll realise that you haven’t actually walked anywhere for a very long time.

Although it might be more practical for you to catch a train or bus to work, why not take a long walk at the weekend to make up for the exercise you’ve missed? go further; find a local gym and sign up for regular classes to counter the effects of too much convenience. And during the working week, try to take the stairs instead of the lift. Use your lunch break to exercise or simply have a stroll. Also, if you’re one of those lucky offices to have a standing desk, then use it. Little changes, we know, but your body will thank you for thinking of it.


Yes, we get it. Busy city life means it’s hard to find time to cook and eat healthily. After a late night in the office, we’re as guilty as anyone at being waaay too readily convinced to choose the easy option, reaching for the phone and opening that app to order in instead of rustling something healthy up. And sure, the occasional takeaway should not be demonised. But when it becomes a regular thing, a default option rather than a treat, it becomes a problem. 

To make things easier for yourself to cook at home, get stocked up on groceries. Of course you’re more likely to order a takeaway if your fridge is constantly empty. Consider setting up a weekly online shop if you think you don’t have time to go to the store; you could get a weekly recipe box like Hello Fresh or Gousto delivered straight to your door and play masterchef instead of couch cook. These subscription services drop of a box of all the ingredients you need to cook wholesome meals at home each week, complete with easy step-by-step recipes which take hardly anytime to rustle up – so there’s really no excuse not to cook.


Mental health in busy cities can be affected by a multitude of factors – the expectations of a more frantic society, the stress of rushing from place to place, the social pressure of simply walking down a busy street. Everyone is different and everyone can certainly benefit from taking the time to focus on improving their mental health. Resources such as are excellent for helping you to step back from whatever is causing you stress so you can better understand how to improve your mood. Just as you wouldn’t neglect your physical health and expect to have a six pack, so you shouldn’t disregard nurturing your mental wellbeing.


Just because the streets are noisy and chaotic doesn’t mean your home has to be. In fact, precisely because they are, your home should be the opposite. So, dedicate a space in your place as a ‘calm zone’. Choose ambient lighting and soothing music with comfortable furniture, and treat it as an area to treat yourself to peace; a corner of paradise in the middle of the pandemonium.


Even the most dedicated city slicker benefits from the occasional recharge of their batteries with a short trip to the countryside. Here, the hustle and bustle of the city is just a distant memory and following some downtime in a rural setting, you’ll rejoin the rat race with verve, vigour and enthusiasm. So, don’t be afraid to take a weekend out here and there to reconnect with nature before throwing yourself back into the mix.