The rise of social media has given us a bigger window into the lives of our favourite stars than ever before. Through platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, we’re privy to everything the A-list get up to, from sharing their premium parties and their workouts, to dress fittings and even how they stay looking so fabulous. Indeed, many celebrities — including social media icon Kim Kardashian — have shared videos and snaps of their spa sessions — and it isn’t all back massages and pedicures!

It seems that the A-list will go to great lengths to de-stress and refresh, giving rise to increasingly unusual spa treatments, some of which sound completely bizarre, that is unless being slathered in animal excrement sounds normal to you.

With the help of The Waterfront Hotel who offer spa breaks in Bedfordshire we’ve looked at some of the most weird and whacky spa treatments out there. Here’s 5 IDEAL spa treatments if you’re in the mood for something unusual. 


When Kim Kardashian shared a photo of her blood-covered face, you’d be forgiven for thinking she was dressing up for Halloween or perhaps on the set of a new horror movie. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong — Kim shared the snap shortly after having a vampire facial, a treatment which involves drawing the blood from elsewhere in the body, separating out the platelets and injecting it back into the face.

The process is believed to help with anti-aging, as the platelet plasma that is injected supposedly stimulates the surrounding cells causing them to plump up and increase in volume. The result is reduced wrinkles and fine lines.


No, this isn’t simply a treatment given to you by a woman with a white face, red lips and and elaborate hairstyle. While the Geisha facial may seem like a delicate and sophisticated by name, it is nothing of the sort. Victoria  Beckham is rumoured to be a fan of this unusual treatment, whereby faeces from the Japanese nightingale is collected, dried under UV lights and combined with rice bran and water. The resulting mixture is applied to the face and is said to have exfoliating and purifying qualities than can leave skin looking refreshed. The treatment was first used in 17th century Japan by geishas, hence the name.


Emerging from Russia, a Russian banya is similar to a sauna, although it is usually at a lower temperature and features a higher level of super-hot steam. The steam is created by pouring high volumes of water on cast iron that has been heated to 700°C. It causes the body to sweat and therefore supports detoxification.

It’s far from your standard sauna visit. After you’ve sweated a lot, you’ll receive the Parenie, a treatment which uses hot venik. This fragrant bunch of birch, oak and eucalyptus twigs is used to gently hit, stroke and fan you, releasing essential oils, boosting blood circulation and reducing stress and tension.

To finish — and cool down after being exposed to all that steam — you’ll dip into an ice-cold plunge pool to close your pores. According to one Banya website, celebrities including Justin Bieber and Kate Moss are fans!


This next beauty treatment is not for the squeamish. Leech therapy involves applying leeches to the body and allowing them to suck the blood. It is believed that, while the leeches are sucking on your blood, they’re also injecting a number of bioactive peptides into your body which some believe can support anti-acing. However, many healthcare professionals have contested the effectiveness of this treatment. Despite this, it has been used by both Demi Moore and Miranda Kerr.