Dry January has morphed into the drought of 2019. Normcore has become the norm, and staying in is the new going out. Slowly but surely, Britain is shifting its predisposition to getting plastered; a change in the collective culture which is doing wonders for our health and wellbeing. Gym memberships are on the rise, and people are getting wise to the myriad benefits of a consistent exercise regime. Great stuff indeed, but what does this mean for the Great British stag or hen send off? Well, there’s still plenty of fun to be had without a hangover the next day, that’s for sure; here are 5 IDEAL stag or hen ideas for fitness fanatics.


Stag and hen parties are often a hotbed of inter-friendship-group tension and tetchiness. A little bonding prior to the big day can do wonders for wedding day harmony, and also give the perfect ice breaker for those who don’t know each other so well within the party. What’s more, the fitness benefits of team sport can be immense. Ideal, and bragging rights to be earnt which the winners can cash in on the wedding day.


Limber up, let loose and, hopefully, let fly, too. Giving your pre-wedding party a truly adrenaline filled, modern twist could be just the ticket. No illegal highs here, just the natural sort achieved by vaulting obstacles and jumping between buildings. You’ll certainly break a sweat, too, if that’s your thing. The sport has experienced something of a lift-off in the public eye of late, and there are now multiple parkour facilities all over the country.

For beginners, a safe, padded environment will prevent any pre-wedding hiccups; bride on walking on crutches up the aisle anyone? You’ll be able to embrace your inner child on trampolines and foam pits while testing your acrobatic skills on more complicated obstacles; a fantastic workout for your legs and abdomen, as well as an intense cardio workout that can rival many other activities.


You wouldn’t traditionally associate stag do paintball with a great work out, but actually, it can get pretty intense. Rallying a troop of friends and embarking on a fun-filled day of paintball is ideal for stretching your legs, blowing off steam and creating memories which could equip the best man or chief bridesmaid with an amusing anecdote for their speech.

But what are the fitness benefits? For a start, what better way to motivate you to run fast than the looming threat of a paintball hurling towards you? You’ll also benefit from short, explosive bursts of cardio, and the stances required for covert, clinical shooting do a great job of replicating conventional exercises such as squats and burpees.


Indoor rock climbing is a classic leisure activity, but in recent years, it’s enjoyed a boost in popularity due to its benefits in strength and resistance training. Bouldering, a more simplistic version of rock climbing in which you’re closer to the ground, allowing you to forgo the safety harness, is a fine compromise if you have more tentative members within your group.

On the surface, bouldering may seem easier, but the truth is that it requires more in the way of creative thinking, adept problem solving, and strength to hold onto more difficult areas. This, of course, is a phenomenal workout for your arms, but the need to maintain your core and stretch in various directions will give you an extensive full-body workout. If the groom or bride to be is looking to get a little more toned for the big day, a hoist up the climbing wall is a great way to achieve this.


We’ve all seen those group dances of the groomsmen or the bridesmaids that have gone viral in recent years. Well, why not create your own that you can perform as a surprise on the wedding day? Dancing is a whole-body workout which is also a whole lot of fun; great for an energetic and hilarious hen or stag party. It can be difficult to find an active activity that will suit the fitness levels of everyone you want to invite, from younger sisters to mothers-in-law, but a choreographed dancing is suitable for all the group.