Your house is meant to be your safe space, a place where you can unwind at the end of a busy day and escape the pressures of the outside world. In reality, the domestic space can often be the last to be given care and attention; a messy, chaotic zone seemingly unwilling to deliver serenity. It’s time to change that, with these; our 5 IDEAL steps to a calmer domestic environment.


Color scheme is essential in creating a calming atmosphere and you should carefully consider a new lick of paint, particularly if you suffer from insomnia or a lack of concentration. For instance, blue is a popular choice for bedrooms as it has been shown to reduce tension and stress, whilst red is traditionally a loud and vibrant colour, and can add to your anxieties through its active nature. Other calming colours include pink, which is used in Feng Shui to balance energy, and green, which is soothing for its connotations to nature and the outdoors.


If your space is starting to look a little distressed, then it might be time to give your carpets, curtains and other fabric based furnishings a spring clean. Gathering dust can bring on respiratory issues and make things look the wrong side of lived in, and stains do nothing good for your mood. If you’re thinking about a really deep clean, such as this from an in-depth carpet cleaning Worcester service, then thorough research is key to finding the right company for you.


Tidy home, tidy mind as the old saying goes, and there’s certainly a modicum of truth to be found there. Having a clean, organised place can help you feel rested and productive, and that’s what we’re after here right? So, be ruthless and declutter wherever possible.

If you want to take the O.C.D up a notch and really instil a sense of order, try arranging stuff neatly and alphabetically wherever possible. By creating an organisational system for your possessions and investing in storage containers and such, you’ll not only create more floor space in your home, but if stuff goes missing, it’ll be easier to track it down.


It’s crucial to harness the power of all the senses when looking to create a calm, soothing domestic atmosphere. And you should never underestimate the power of smell when giving your house a little love and attention. We’ve written loads more about it here.


Don’t underestimate the power of lighting either, as it has the ability to add life and a sense of positivity to the home. Lighting can draw the eye to certain parts of the room; for example, towards a particular ornament or piece of art that you want guests to admire. Likewise, the correct form of lighting can also add a sense of warmth to an otherwise cold and dark space.


Rachel is the beauty and fashion director at IDEAL. She loves trying new products and is an avid fan of London's fashion, from the high end to the high street.