New year, new you, right? And if this new version of number one means a new city and new job, then it’s more than likely that your covetous, curious glances are currently being cast at the capital. Indeed, London is one of the most exciting cities to become a young professional in, offering a wealth of inspirational, trailblazing companies to choose from. 

But being one of the most populated cities in the UK (18 times more populated than other UK averages), it can also be a cut-throat place to find a job. This means that anyone in search of jobs in London needs to use creative ways to help them stand out from the crowd. Should this be you, then you might find this useful; our 5 IDEAL steps to your dream job in London.


We mean this quite literally. These days, most dream jobs in London revolve around technology – or at the least, harness its omnipotent power – and that means that those who possess the skills to create unique solutions tend to get ahead.

Let’s be frank here; your CV is bound to be one of many, and you need to differentiate yourself through the inclusion of innovative ideas, such as videos. If you have the know-how to make an explainer video, in which your introduce yourself, then do not hesitate to include one on your online CV. In fact, actively pursue it. Going the extra mile to evidence your skills is likely to get you that all important interview, at the very least.


It sounds a bit strange to advertise yourself, particularly when interviews are now defined as being a two way process, but in all honesty, that’s what the whole job-seeking process is about. Putting your best foot forward, showing your best side…you get the picture. Now paint it. 

You’re marketing what you can offer so why not do it with the help of digital marketing strategies, print and online publications, or maybe even a billboard? The latter may sound far fetched, but it’s been done in London before by one broke and unemployed grad. Anything’s possible, hey? Think outside the box here, and you’ll be richly rewarded.


A dream job is not always the best paid job, that’s for sure. What’s also certain is that everyone’s priorities and definitions of what actually constitutes that ideal role are different. In London, life can get expensive as you juggle that elusive work/life balance, an ever increasing cost of travel, and hyperinflated rental prices. Yet, if you can get by in your dream job, it’s worth placing that foot on the first rung of the ladder, with longevity in mind. Taking other jobs because they’re better paid may give you an extra metre or two in your London flat, but will it make you happy? More often than not, dream jobs are careers of contentment rather than cash. Remember that. 


If making an online CV that includes a video or hiring an expensive billboard in central London sounds like a big risk to take, that’s because it is. In theory, of course. But searching for jobs in the capital is tough, especially if you’re looking for your dream career. And it’s likely many others share that dream. This means you need to prepare yourself to take risks and make yourself seen to be heard. Fortune favours the brave here, so swallow your pride, banish your fear, and get yourself out there.


It might be wise to really drill down into that definition of ‘dream job’ before you distribute your CV scatter gun and indiscriminately. Nightmare roles are often those that feel like you’re in servitude to the corporate machine. On the flipside, a sense of doing something rewarding – charitable, even – can be incredibly fulfilling.

Finding a career which ‘gives back’ can, in turn, bring your own life warmth and meaning. Jobs in the field of care, careers in medicine, work for non-profits and environmental organisations, are all options that allow you to earn a living while doing some genuine good in the world. There are few things more satisfying than coming home from work knowing that you’ve made the planet a slightly better place.