Here at IDEAL we realise that there’s more to this crazy dance than the accumulation of ‘stuff’. A life of accruing possessions will only accrue dust. Oiling the Capitalist wheels with your wallet won’t bring clarity, of that there’s no doubt…. But who can deny the positivity that a bit of pampering brings? There’s nothing wrong with taking a look inwards from time to time, letting go and just spoiling yourself. With that in mind, we’re sharing a few things bringing us a little peace of mind right now; our own spot of retail therapy, if you will, with these 5 IDEAL things we’re into this week. Go on. You deserve this.


With the news this week warning that the UK could run out of water within 25 years, one thing’s for sure, we all need to do more. And one place we can all start is by washing our clothes less. Enter the world’s ‘first dry shampoo for clothes’, Day2. Designed with the planet in mind, every 200ml bottle used saves 60 litres of water, equivalent to a full wash load, and the aerosol is powered by air, meaning Day2 is carbon neutral when sprayed. Good stuff.

Day2 works in a similar way to dry shampoo, but instead of restoring your locks, it revives clothes from just-worn to looking, feeling and smelling just-washed. Aside from the all-important green credentials of the product, Day2 can also extend the life of your clothes with a simple spritz. We’ve all felt the disappointment of a favourite t-shirt shrunk or warped by a too hot wash or lengthy spin cycle. By using Day2 and washing your clothes less, they’ll last longer. Result.

From £4.00 Available at and leading stockists including Wilkinsons, Waitrose, Ocado and Amazon.


120 billion units of packaging is created by the global beauty industry each year, a high proportion of which finds it way to landfill, or worse the sea, after just one use. Those are some big numbers and they have even bigger consequences. Well, the UK’s most sustainable beauty company (their words, not ours), Beauty Kitchen, have recently announced the launch of the world’s first full circle, zero waste program for cosmetic products; ‘Return. Refill. Repeat.’. But what’s behind the catchy alliteration, we hear you cry. Well, in a recyclable nutshell, you return your empty Beauty Kitchen containers to the brand, and they wash, refill and give them back to you. They’ll even pay for the postage and you can earn up to 50% off your next order. Just look out for the ‘RETURN. REFILL. REPEAT’ stamp on your packaging.

Of course, the cynics among us will say that it’s a hook dreamt up by a marketing department to keep you loyal to their product. However, the brand’s founder Jo Chidley has been working on the concept for 10 years. And anything which contributes to reducing single use plastic is cool with us.

Beauty Kitchen products are available from Holland & Barrett, and


Hey you! Yes, you; the leaner inner, eye squinter, shoulder huncher. Straighten up your back, adopt a safe reading distance, release the tension in your neck, and drop those shoulders, this one’s for you. If you suffer from tech neck we have just the thing to help relieve those aches and pains accrued throughout a day of sitting and typing – the Posture Stand. They are ideal for raising your computer monitor, laptop or tablet to your natural eye level. Sure there are cheaper versions on the market, but this one is strong and stable – unlike the UK’s government.

£59.99 from


Next week is World Salt Awareness Week (is nothing sacred, we scream) and as such, we’re going to be snacking on some low sodium snacks to celebrate. If you’ve ever sampled Propercorn then you might wonder why other makers add so much salt to their product. These are the best we’ve tried, and they’re low in salt, calories and preservatives. Lovely stuff.

From 80p at Waitrose, Tesco and various UK stores


Next Sunday, the last day of March, sees the clocks going forward. Cue everyone wondering if that’s a good or bad thing, an extra hour in bed or one lost to the time gods? Only they know. Anyway, we’ve been doing everything we can to reduce screen time, especially when in bed, and this includes leaving the phone charging in another room during the night. If you’re doing the same, you’re going to need an alarm clock for the start of British Summer Time as your circadian rhythm will need syncing again. We particularly love Philips’ Wake Up Light Alarm Clock, which is designed to replicate the rising sun in terms of a gentle, gradual illuminating of the room.