Owning an events space is, it must be said, a double edged sword. While you have another viable source of income at your fingertips, finding the right client – one who will have a great time but won’t trash your space or host something inappropriate – can be tough. There can also be times when the venue remains empty and unloved for long periods, and you’re left wondering if it’s really worth the effort at all. Don’t be disheartened; if you’re looking to maximise your venue’s event bookings, whether you’re a hotel or restaurant, church or school, then read on for our 5 IDEAL tip for hiring out your events space.


First things first, how is anyone going to book your events space if they don’t know it exists? Marketing it correctly and efficiently can help increase event inquiries and those all important bookings tenfold. And that’s what you’re here for, right? So, let all the local businesses know that you have a space ready and available for hire. Host a networking night for events planners or a showcase day with the aim of giving your venue a platform and building a good relationship with potential clients. 

Go further; list your space on online marketplaces like tagvenue and hirespace, who can drive potential customers to your site. And create positive PR at every turn by offering your events space out for free to charities and not-for-profit events; a great way to get people talking about your space, and more importantly, a way to give back. Do the marketing right and there’s a chance your spot will become the go-to venue for future events in town.


Entertainment, food, decorations, AV suppliers…the list goes on. But make no mistake, if you have some quality event industry suppliers on board, your events space is a much more appealing option than a cobbled together space without the contacts or kit to pull off something spectacular.

Deck your space out in a purposeful way, so potential clients can envisage a proper party taking place here (and picture a stress free experience, too). So, it’s well worth investing in tables, chairs, linen and crockery to suit every occasion. You don’t have to spend a fortune; consider stacking chairs for sale in the UK at Rosehill Furnishings, for instance.


A comprehensible function page on your website offering different events packages is key to accumulating those bookings you’re coveting. Outline easily locatable options for various price points and packages, including food and drinks opt-ins, if available. People are looking to find the information they’re after easily or they’ll click on quickly, so keep them on your page by letting them feel in control.

You need to make sure your potential client knows the venue’s capabilities, so also include a Q&A or FAQ section – anything that will make life simpler for event organisers and clients in getting across and receiving information is important. And remember, a picture speaks a thousand words, so showcase your venue online with stunning photographs of your space when it’s fully styled for an event. 


From corporate events to weddings and even sci-fi conferences, don’t pigeon hole your space into a one-hit-wonder situation or you may find yourself attracting less custom, not more. Should you advertise yourself purely as a wedding venue, for instance, then those after a different type of event entirely are unlikely to book with you. As such, you should keep the interior of your space fairly neutral – a blank canvas, if you will – so all manner of potential clients can picture their niche event popping off within your four walls.


Once you host an event, request some feedback. Though you may not feel entirely comfortable opening yourself up to scrutiny, post-event feedback is invaluable if you want to improve your offering for next time and attract similar clients. Just remember to keep your survey short and focused; ask them to identify the best and worst thing about the event without requesting much more. Leave an optional, open-ended question to capture any other feedback the may have but keep it short and sweet or your replies will be scant.