You have lived a fabulous life for the past years and it is time for you to move. Even if you want to stay, there are other opportunities out there. You might also have other reasons for leaving. Before you finally leave, don’t forget to throw a goodbye party. This is your way of saying thank you to all the people who have meant a lot in your life and letting them know that you will remain close to them even if you are moving away. Here are some useful tips so you can throw an amazing party one last time before leaving.


You don’t want to throw a farewell party when you still have a lot of packing to do. You better finish it before you decide to have the party. This takes a lot of time and there are so many details you have to focus on. You better seek help from companies like if you want to get this over with in no time. They will help you with shipping all your items to any destination. Just make an appointment in advance so you can discuss what services you need.


When you have finished packing, the next step is to choose the best place where you can have the party. Of course, the most practical choice is your old house. This is also symbolic. Your friends might have visited you in this house over the years, so they would also say farewell to your place just as they say farewell to you.


Once you have chosen the place, tell your friends about your plans. Make sure it is after work so that everyone can come. Let them know that it is just a simple gathering to thank them. It is up to you if you want this party to be emotional. You can also make it more fun if you don’t want tears.


Whether or not you love to be the centre of attention, this time, you really are. This party is about you. Therefore, it does not hurt if you prepare a few words. In your speech, don’t forget to say thank you to everyone and let them know how much they mean to you. Give them the assurance that you will stay connected even if you are moving. Wish them success in their future endeavours too in the same way that they wish you all the best.


You should say thank you to everyone personally apart from the farewell speech you have already made. You want to let them know that they mean a lot to you and they will always be in your heart.

It is not easy saying goodbye. This party could really be emotional. You have decided to leave though and this is a part of the process. It is better to say farewell now through a party than just leave without saying anything.

Rachel is the beauty and fashion director at IDEAL. She loves trying new products and is an avid fan of London's fashion, from the high end to the high street.