You’ve gotta fight. For your right. To plan the perfect parrrrtaay. But how do you define, let alone throw, the ‘perfect party’ when everyone’s interpretation of the term differs so greatly. For some, a sedate, sophisticated affair with good conversation and an early finish is all that’s needed for it to go down in folklore. For others, the dial needs to be turned up to eleven; raucous, relentless, the show only stopping when the sun comes up. There are, however, a few narrative threads which sew together all of the best bashes seamlessly. these are those; oru 5 IDEAL tips for planning the perfect party.


First things first, one of the most important tasks you have as a party planner is to choose the right type of venue for your event. Top of the priority list is the appropriateness of the space; you wouldn’t throw a bash of debauchery and transgression in a church hall, now would you? Take into account the style of event, intended finish, amount of guests, necessity for food provision and many more factors before settling on your space. Location is of course the determining factor. Be specific with your online searches to refine your enquiries; function room hire Chichester, ‘dungeons and dragons venue South London’, ‘pub with wood fired grill Aberystwyth’…you get the picture.


A successful party is a bit like a good story. The beginning has to be enthralling and grab your guests’ attention. There needs to be twists and turns, with surprising elements and the unexpected. And there has to be a satisfying finish. While it’s obviously great if the whole evening is wall-to-wall memorable, with loads of bangs throughout, these three elements will ensure a great party: 

  • THE BEGINNING – What happens in the few minutes when your guests arrive? This is something people remember, and first impressions count. Are they greeted with a glass of champagne? Do they enter the venue through a secret curtain? Is a welcome gift bag presented? Define their event at the start.
  • THE UNEXPECTED – Every event has to have one spectacular high, whether that be fireworks, a secret performance, a killer cake…something extra special. That one ‘high’ will outweigh any dull moments. Moreover, it will be memorable – there’s nothing worse than people leaving an event without remembering anything at all (unless that’s because of multiple tequila shots, of course).
  • THE END –  how people leave counts. Maybe a goody bag or a farewell shot will see them off into the night happy. Certainly a tender, personal goodbye from the host is the least that should be expected.


A theme doesn’t have to mean the much dreaded fancy dress party (cue, a sigh of relief). However, choosing a theme, no matter how big or small, can pull an event together and allows you to create a backdrop against which you can choreograph the finer details. It could be something as simple as a colour theme, a seasonal salute or one that celebrates a certain cuisine or country. Whatever you choose, having a basis to the event gives it a sharper focus both in the planning stage and later down the line, in the memory of those who attended.


Who you’re sitting next to at a party can make or break the evening. Round tables encourage conversation and means you’re not stuck only talking to the people either side of you. It’s always fun to mix things up so people meet someone new, but try to put each person next to someone they know. Moreover sit like minded people together; that way the conversation will flow and the all important chatter and cheer that seems to define ‘successful’ will be nurtured.


One of the most important aspects of any event is keeping your guests well fed and watered. You can provide all of the raucous entertainment you could dream of, but without refreshments (solid and liquid) things just aren’t going to kick off. Always remember that finger food and snacks are significantly easier to coordinate than a full-blown, sit down, three course meal. What’s more, guests usually feel more comfortable helping themselves, as and when they want to. And if you really want to impress guests at an event, you can’t go wrong with a street food truck which in recent years has taken the catering industry by storm. Rumbling stomachs and empty glasses are one of the main buzzkills of any event. It just lacks generosity. Therefore, make food and drink a priority as running out isn’t a good look. You never want a guest to leave or go home hungry by having plenty to go around.