Coaches are a great way of travelling long distances on a budget, however it’s safe to say that they don’t always provide the optimum sleeping environment. But, fear not if you have a coach journey planned this summer, these tips will help improve your chances of getting some decent kip. With the help of Neil Robinson, Sealy UK’s resident sleep expert, here are 5 IDEAL tips for sleeping on a coach trip.


Early morning and late-night buses tend to be least crowded. Booking your travel during one of these periods can raise your chances of getting the row to yourself, meaning you can stretch out into a more comfortable position. This will allow your body to be more relaxed, making it more likely that you’ll get a good sleep.


While it may be tempting to watch a film on your tablet or read your Kindle to kill time on your journey, the blue light emitted from the screens impacts our levels of melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone. By avoiding technology for a minimum of 30 minutes before you’re planning to get some kip, you can help ensure a better-quality sleep.


Coaches can be noisy places, with all the hustle and bustle from other passengers, not to mention the noise of traffic and beeping horns from other vehicles. Bringing ear plugs on your journey can help to muffle this and turn it into soothing ‘white noise’, allowing you to drift off more easily.


Long haul coach travel doesn’t exactly do wonders for your neck, back and posture. Teh seats are upright and the sleep disturbed. Make sure to counteract the most negative effects of this by packing a neck pillow and utilising it on those long jouneys.


Watching the monotonous, hypnotic roads on a long coach journey can lull you to sleep in no time. Most coaches use a route with very few twists and turns and incredibly repitive scenery; perfect to keep the stimulation levels low.

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