It’s the dream of many young, adventurous duos; to travel the world, to see the sights, take in the smells and sample the delicacies of far-flung places, together. And in doing so, cementing what’s special about the relationship and equally, creating new memories to cherish as a couple for a lifetime. The reality, however, can be quite different, with the potential for fallings out enhanced by strange and unfamiliar surrounds and experiences. It’s important then, to nurture your relationship just as much when you’re on your travels as when you’re in a domestic setting. With that in mind, here are 5 IDEAL tips for travelling as a couple without killing each other.


The first thing you should do is make well thought out, considered plans in advance. As much as spontaneity and sporadic decisions might seem romantic, such a way of seeing the world is often anything but. Indeed, as advised by Cmtravels, you should know the expectations of the trip and what you aim to achieve before, during and at the end of the travels. Plan the activities you would like to enjoy together before you go on the trip, to save the possibility of disappointment later down the line. Doing this will reduce the potential for conflicts along the way, and also save you some money, which is perhaps the greatest cause of animosity on the road. Which brings us to…


Attitudes towards spending represent a crucial factor that needs to be discussed prior to the trip. Often times, couples tend to make assumptions about what is reasonable in terms of frivolity or frugality, and divergences in this behaviour can cause real friction between couples. Outline how you want to play it financially before your hand is in your purse buying yet another novelty sombrero. 


Seems a weird one; after all, if you’re travelling independently, it’s likely you’ll know how to tell when you’re hungry and put food in your gob to solve it. But with the onslaught of new experiences and the likelihood of unheard of dishes and ingredients, sometimes we forget to eat routinely and to keep our diet varied and healthy. But forgetting to eat or eating erratically can have a negative effect on our mood and energy levels. In turn, that mood might be taken out on your travelling companion. And for a harmonious trip, we don’t want that.


As with any element of a relationship, dipping your toe in the water first rather than diving straight in is a sensible way to approach things. Before you travel for a long time together, you should first start with a short trip to see if you’re compatible as travelling companions.  Plan a quick trip out of town for a few days and visualise how a longer, more arduous yet exciting adventure might look. By doing this, you’ll be able to flesh out some ground rules, identify shared activities you enjoy doing and also iron out any little differences you have,


Finally, the best way to avoid conflict while travelling, of course, is to keep busy by engaging in as many fun activities together as your energy and bank balance can muster. Whether it is relaxing or other forms of leisure, it is important to share what you love doing with your partner. You should also allow them to share with you what they love. Doing this will make communication easier and it will also keep at bay any potential conflicts.