There are a variety of reasons why you might want to host an event in your city. Perhaps this is your career, perhaps you want to raise money for a charity, or there is a launch event – whatever your reason, you need to do all you can to make it into a smash hit. So from concept to conception, here 5 IDEAL tips on how to organise a successful event in your city. 


For an unforgettable event, the location and venue are paramount; they set the scene and create the ambiance, and in many ways, are the real star of the show. Choosing a relatively central location is a must if you want enthusiastic rather than reluctant attendees. Being in the mix also means a myriad of businesses in the vicinity who could assist you if something goes wrong last minute.

Equally important as accessibility is the four walls in which your event will be played out. Choosing an outstanding venue will ramp up your guest’s excitement and a well-appointed one can help ensure that all your needs are catered for, as many provide staff, catering, decorations and more. Oh and make sure it’s easy to get to the venue via public transport.


Having a fabulous venue is a great foundation from which you can develop your own ideas and inject your own style into proceedings. However, to make sure your event goes off with with a noisy, raucous bang you must choose a fun theme. This theme could be Christmas, or it could be cheese, it could be beer – or anything in-between. Or is your city famous for anything in particular? For example, Bath is synonymous with Jane Austin as she spent many years there and Liverpool is known for being the birthplace of four musicians with sweeping mop hair who got more than a little bit famous during the Swinging Sixties.

Just remember that the more unique and fun the theme, the greater interest your event will have. It will also allow you to set yourself apart and even attract some of the best vendors and attractions. For example, if you wanted to host a pop-up event of 60s vintage sellers, you’ll have a lot easier of a time attracting these special sellers and the decades’ fans than just having a generic second-hand market.


No matter where you host your event there are a few hoops you will need to go through before you can open it up to the public. For one, you will need to find a rental space and to hire it out. You will also need to get the right permits that allow you to provide food and alcohol, and so on. If your event isn’t completely legal, then it will be promptly shut down. This applies to both public and private events, so don’t think you can avoid it. The steps you will need to take will also vary. What you need to do for a charity event, for example, will differ from a public event.


Regardless of what type of event you are running, you will need to provide food and drink. Whether it be a three-course meal, a light bite or something somewhere in between, the best advice when food is concerned is to delegate. You don’t want to be sweating away at the stove yourself, you should be out there hosting. Bring in the caterers and save yourself the stress and time of trying to do this yourself. And if you really want to impress guests at an event, you can’t go wrong with a street food truck which, in recent years, have taken the catering industry by storm.

Fortunately, you can easily book the UK’s best street food trucks for your event right online. Fill in some details about your event and food preferences and the Feast It team will get quotes from 3-5 food or drink caterers. Pick your favourite and confirm the booking. Great food brings people together unlike anything else and should be considered a high priority of your event planning.


Once you have everything organised and ready to go it is time to market aggressively. With the right mix of marketing magic and promotional tricks, you can get your event out there in the public sphere and on the lips of those who matter.

Send a press release to your local newspaper, radio stations and any magazine’s. And remember to also contact your niche’s news agencies as well, so that you can bring people in from around the country and not just the city or neighbourhood you are located in. Oh and don’t forget to submit your event to any local diary listings online. 

When it comes to invites, spread them far and wide. Invite the great and the good to your event, as every social media influencer, member of an entourage or genuine celebrity has a different story to tell and different set of followers. Encourage each and every one of them to do live coverage of the event for maximum reach.

Oh and every event needs to embrace the power of social media and the easiest way to do that is via a simple, creative hashtag. Indeed, using the simplest device in the social media toolbox to promote your event is a fantastic opportunity to create brand awareness and make your event known. So, find the perfect #Hashtag for your event and incorporate it into all the branding surrounding the bash.