This just in; it might be time to change up your commute. Research from Swedish beauty and wellness tech brand, FOREO, has found that travelling to and from work can wreak havoc on your skin, with the tube, in particular, being the most likely to contribute to premature ageing. The Victoria, Northern and Bakerloo lines, it seems, are the worst offenders.

The study found that pollution levels in tube stations can be up to 30 times higher than those found on London roads; and when you think of how your face feels after a stroll down Brixton Road, that’s frightening! With an average of 4.8 million journeys made on the underground every single day, it’s a problem likely to affect most Londoners.

Luckily there are ways to mitigate these impacts. By adding just a few, regular steps to your beauty routine, you can counteract – and repair – the damage that commuting is doing to your skin. So, with the help of Chris Luckham, Education Specialist UK & Ireland at FOREO, here are 5 IDEAL tips on how to put the brakes in commuter skin.


One of the main issues with commuting is that down in the depths, below ground level, a whole lot of extra grime and dirt seems to accumulate in the air’s environment, which then clogs up your pores and causes spots. A cleansing device, like the LUNA 3, which removes up to 99.5% of dirt and oil that can contribute to adult-onset acne breakouts, can help. The soft silicone bristles gently pulsate over skin to help loosen clogged pores and lift away grime to keep skin clear.


A combination of pollution from transport and moving from hot to cold environments, from air-conditioned to not, or from dry heat to a more humid air, can seriously dehydrate your skin, so make sure you drink plenty of water throughout your day. To further counter the ill effects of the commute, add hydrating products such as hyaluronic acids to your skincare routine.


Even on a cloudy day your skin is susceptible to sun damage, so wearing a good SPF daily will protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. This is especially relevant if you’re one of the thousands of people who walk or cycle your commute, or you’re stepping out from that murky underbelly of London underground and out into the world, squinting.


With so many commuters travelling every day, those handrails, Oyster Card machines and more, are all incredibly dirty, make no mistake. Bacteria can easily spread, so make sure to wash your hands before you touch your face after a ride on the rube to prevent spots and clogged pores. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many people end up with spots around their chin and jawline from not doing this.


Adding in face masks to your skincare routine is a great way to counteract the effects of commuting – whether you need to add a quick dose of extra moisture to your face, or deploy a detoxing mask to unblock congested skin. Plus, after that stressful commute, ten minutes in the bath with a mask can really help you unwind. Carbon Theory’s Mineral Mud Mask is particularly good for detoxifying your skin from a day’s accumulative pollution.

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