Packing the right items can be stressful when travelling. You want to make sure that you have everything that you need, but you also don’t want to overpack as it’s inconvenient to carry an excess of stuff. Integral, then, to plan ahead so you can determine which items you need for your trip and which ones you can cross off the list and forget about. With that mind, here are 5 IDEAL tips on packing perfectly for your next trip.


Select clothing items that you can easily mix and match. For example, a plain white t-shirt is a versatile piece that you can wear casually with shorts or jeans. Turn it into semi-formal wear by throwing on a blazer. These types of clothes will help you achieve different looks without having to bring the kitchen sink.


Different fabrics have their own unique characteristics. Depending on your activities and the temperature of your travel destination, you may want to include clothes of certain fabrics in your to-bring list. Felt is one of the materials to consider if travelling to a place with a colder temperature. It’s warm, and is also available in various thicknesses and colours. If you want to have your fabric clothing customised, you can get your fabric supply from a specialist like Dalston Mill Fabrics Shop. There are also other fabrics available that you can choose from, like cotton prints and jersey fabrics, which are best for places with hot temperatures since they are breathable.


Bringing lightweight clothes is vital when travelling, especially if you’ll be carrying your backpack from one place to another. Not only will this ensure that you’ll not go over your maximum weight allowance at the airport, but it will also be less hassle on your part as it will not be difficult to carry your bag. Travelling with heavy luggage can be tiring, and this can take a toll on you and weigh a heavy burden, both physically and metaphorically.


You can move freely, and you can enjoy your free time more if you wear clothes that are comfortable for you. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice style over comfort as there are now a lot of options when it comes to fashionable travel clothes. For instance, there are durable stretch pants that are obviously comfortable, but are also on trend, striking the right balance between form and function (and not taking up too much room in your luggage, too!).


You will probably try to put all your things in one bag, so it’s best to go for wrinkle-resistant clothes. It will be convenient as you can wear them immediately without having to iron them.

Clothes made with water-resistant fabrics are also excellent choices since you are probably going to visit various places and do different activities that will leave you exposed to potential accidents like spilling liquid on your clothes. It won’t be a big concern if your clothes are water-resistant. Aside from the given factors above, it’s also essential that the items you pack are easy to clean and dry, for your convenience.