Exploring Bali is an incredible experience. The culture, the warmth of the people, the incredible landscapes and the overwhelming sense of peace when you land on the island is captivating enough for even the most hard worn traveller. This is a country with many traditions and etiquette that spans generations.

With the help of travel experts, Destination2.co.uk, here’s a few pointers that will help make your stay in Bali the perfect getaway.

Learn the language

The Balinese don’t expect you to arrive speaking fluently, but learning a few phrases goes a long way. By saying key phrases in conversation, you come across as polite, respectful and friendly. Here are a few pointers:

  • Hello – om suastiastu
  • Goodbye – s’lah-mawt ting-gahl
  • Please – minta
  • Thank you – terima kasih
  • Yes – yaw
  • No – tiduk

Like anywhere, your attempts at the language will be warmly welcomed by the locals. Semoga beruntung (good luck)!

Dress for the occasion

Bali maybe a beach paradise, but some beach bars and restaurants don’t always allow people in wearing bikinis and trunks. Most places have a dress code, so it’s worth checking out what the rules are before you turn up anywhere.

In terms of visiting anywhere religious, both men and women need to cover their legs below their knees for any trips to a temple, so remember to pack a sarong. Covering up should also be practiced in the more rural areas of the island.

Expect – and respect – religious customs

Bali is a very spiritual island – and Hindu is the chief religion. Customs and traditions are everywhere, from Balinese dancing, the belief that the mountains are the homes of the gods to the huge, grandiose religious festivals that occur annually on the island.

It goes without saying that these should be respectfully observed, and if you’re guide has to stop briefly for a few minutes of prayer, or the road you need to go down is blocked for a religious rite, accept this as part of what makes Bali so magical and unique.

Beware of the monkeys!

The wildlife of Bali is renowned and as much as it is wonderful, it can impinge on your day to day life on the island. There are many wild animals roaming about. While most of them mind their own business, the monkeys on the island have been known to pickpocket and steal from tourists. Not only can they be naughty, they’re also carriers of parasites, diseases and rabies, so best completely avoided.

Be beach safe

While Bali is known for its beaches and watersports, the waters that surround the island carry some strong currents, and can be quite risky to swim in at times. If you do fancy a dip, make sure you’re in visiting a beach that doesn’t have any red flags flying. The south west part of the island from Kuta to Canggu, are renowned for having pretty dangerous rip tides and undertows.

Keep the midnight dips to swimming pools and make sure all water sports are carried out by an expert instructor.

Bali is an incredible country and needs to be visited at least once in a lifetime. We hope these tips help someway in make your holiday to Bali an incredible, life affirming experience.