‘Happy anniversary. I still love you. Now would you mind hanging up the washing?’. Yep, the problem with domestic bliss is that it’s very much that; domestic. And as every couple in it for the long haul can attest, it’s hard to maintain the romance, the spark and the spontaneity year on year on year. Yep, intimacy ad finitum needs some surprises if it’s to work. Here are some unique, super personal suggestions for the most important day of the year dedicated to celebrating your love; our 5 IDEAL and unique anniversary date ideas.


Whether it was a post-club Chicken Cottage or a three Michelin starred tasting menu marathon, we all remember the first food we shared with our not-yet-but-soon-to-be significant other. You can tell a lot about someone by the way they eat, and seeing as you’re now celebrating years together, we’re going to assume you liked what you saw. So, as a totally romantic gesture, why don’t you recreate that first meal you shared, but this time, at home? Should it be a stretch to your skills, a shared cooking lesson as a bit of foreplay could be a really fun activity as a couple. Then, and only then, can you let your cooking do the talking. 


It can be a little heartbreaking. That once the engagement and wedding rings have been exchanged, you find yourself staring into the abyss – or at least until the fifteenth year crystal – trying to dream up a reason to give (and of course receive) some jewellery of significance. But hey, let’s not get bogged down by tradition. Why not agree that each and every year on your anniversary you give the gift of something shiny? But which gift should you give for your milestone anniversary? Or any anniversary for that matter. Well, diamonds are a good place to start, seeing as they’re a girl’s best friend. And forever.


We’ve already mentioned spontaneity, right? There’s no bigger romance killer than routine, we think, so instead of that annual weekend away in Paris, why not let chance dictate your next trip? Skyscanner (other flight comparison websites do exist) has a ‘destination everywhere’ feature which could help the random decision making happen whilst still taking price into account. Or, you could go old school and simply take an atlas, a pin, and let gravity dictate the rest.


Nope, this isn’t the type of tour any self-respecting traveller fears. This is the very antithesis of that; a uniquely curated exploration of place and time completely personal to you and your partner. Yep, we’re talking about designing a tour of all of the most significant, special spots to you as a couple; where you first met, had your first kiss, your first meal, where you or your partner proposed, where you first said ‘I love you’ (you have said that already, right?), and so on. You get the picture, now paint it. 


A metaphorical, poetic reading of your relationship, maybe, or just a really unique, romantic way to spend the day. Either way, hear us out; research the best places in your city for watching the sunrise and sunset and focus all of your attention on making those two moments, shared with your partner, as special as possible.

So, choose a day (near to your anniversary, naturally) when the sky is set to be clear, get up extra early and pack a picnic, find a vantage point and appreciate the natural world’s most romantic sight. Repeat for the end of the day’s setting, this time with a bottle of something sparkling (you didn’t pack one for the morning did you?) and you have yourselves two bookends to your special day. Perfect.