We know that it holds your hair, but did you know there are loads of other practical uses for hairspray. Here’s five of our favourite.

No more ladders

Do you constantly get holes in your tights where your toes are? There’s nothing worse than picking out an outfit that needs tights, but then realising every pair you own has a run in them. To avoid this wardrobe disaster, simply spray some hairspray on the feet of your tights. This will strengthen the threads, making runs less likely. It also means your tights will last for longer.

Tame those brows

Who said hairspray was only meant for the hair on your head? Use it to tame your eyebrow hairs too. Simply spray a little on an eyebrow brush and comb through for a more controlled look.

Fix your makeup

We don’t recommend doing this all the time, but if you desperately need your makeup to stay in place and don’t have any finishing spray to hand, use a little hairspray instead. This will help fix your makeup. But remember, hairspray contains harsher chemicals than the makeup meant for your face, so don’t do this all the time.

Self defense

We hope that you never have to defend yourself, but as a woman having some form of safety with you when you’re out like a rape alarm is essential. If you ever need an extra sense of security, know that a small bottle of hairspray can be used as form of self defense.

Sewing help

If you struggle to thread the eye of the needle when you’re sewing,  hairspray has just become your new best friend. By stiffening the end of thread with a little hairspray, it will be so much easier to get it through that little hole.

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