In an age where every embarrassing facial expression is caught on camera and every pose shared online for all to see, having a youthful and healthy complexion is a must for the selfie generation. Ours is also a time where potential damage to the skin is high – pollution is on the rise, the sun is burning hotter and we’re working longer hours. All can lead to more wrinkles. With these concerns in mind, here are our IDEAL tips on how to avoid and reduce wrinkles.


That burning yellow circle in the sky. It feels so good on our faces. The subsequent healthy, bronze glow certainly looks good too. Prolonged exposure to it, however, especially without appropriate protection, can lead to wrinkles, skin damage and worse. There are a number of proactive measures we can take to reducing the potential for danger. Most simply, limiting our time in the sun is essential. Secondly, shade, whether it be in the form of a funky sun hat or the relief of a tree, can provide necessary respite. Sun cream, additionally, should be in the carry bag of anyone who loves looking in the mirror. Whilst the more gradual, subtle tan is a labour of love, you’ll thank us in the long run.


One vital piece of the puzzle for looking younger and staying healthy is Vitamin C, which the body can have trouble absorbing. Dupplements containing Vitamin C are readily available and can assist greatly in the fight against wrinkles, particularly in reducing dullness of the skin. Omega 3 extracts are also superb and Vitamin D supplements can go a long way to fighting environmental damage, such as from pollution.


There are certain foods which can greatly help in fighting wrinkles. A fish (is there anything it can’t do?) heavy diet, especially oily varieties high in omega3, can make you look, and feel, young and radiant. Nuts are another superb source of nutrients which combat wrinkles. Ditto avocados, berries and tomatoes. The list goes on, just maybe don’t eat them all together!


One of the options available for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is Hyaluronic Acid Serum treatments, which help to “fill the gaps” where wrinkles have taken hold and reduce the appearance of fine lines as well.  However, many people do not know where to buy hyaluronic acid serum, nor how it is used.

There are a variety of methods for making use of this serum.  The most commonly used is deep tissue injection, which helps to fill the gaps left by wrinkles.  This treatment also helps the skin to maintain moisture that it needs to appear younger and healthier.  However, the treatments alone are not going to keep up that healthier glow.

Another method for using this serum is to have a provider apply the serum onto your skin.  This is generally done after using a dermabrasion-style treatment in order to open up the pores and give the skin a better chance to absorb the serum.  The results of this treatment last for a varying period of time, depending on the amount of previous damage done by the sun and other everyday chemicals like pollution in the air.


Finally, stress can age even the youngest soul. Therefore, maybe the most important advice of all is to stay calm, always take stock, look after your mind as well as your body and exude a zen-like calm both inside and out. A youthful worldview will inadvertently lead to a youthful visage. Simples.

Top images source: Giphy