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Yes, we know what you’re thinking – simply drink more water, no need to read on. Well, we wish it was that easy, but in reality, so many of us go through the day not drinking enough of the good stuff.

In the UK, it’s recommended that between six and eight glasses of fluid are drunk each day depending on activity levels and climate, there’s no denying that sometimes this can be difficult to achieve. Maybe we’re too busy at work, preoccupied with to-do-lists, distracted by the internet, snowed under socialising, or simply not a fan of the taste.

At times we can come up with any excuse, it seems, as to why we’re not keeping hydrated. Drinking enough water can be even harder in autumn when the weather cools down. Without the warmth of the sun to remind us to quench our thirst, it’s all too easy to forget.

We all know that staying hydrated and sipping on H20 is absolutely integral to keeping healthy and feeling well. We’ve teamed up with Vitabiotics – who have developed The Wellness Score to highlight the importance of ‘Wellness’, to bring you our 5 ideal ways to include more water in your diet this summer.


Somehow, during the work day, we always find the time to make that hourly (and that’s a reserved estimate) cup of tea, but don’t necessarily drink water with the same regularity. Factoring a cold-busting ginger, honey and lemon infused hot drink into your tea break could be the perfect solution to your lack of hydration, as it’s tasty, good for you, and doesn’t dehydrate you as caffeine can. What’s more, a ginger and lemon tea can help relieve symptoms of a cold, is immensely soothing to a sore throat and is considered to contain calming properties. It is also known to bolster the immune system. This autumn, as colds become a more common and unwelcome occurrence, it’s a no brainer really.


Most of us already have a morning and bedtime routine; teeth-brushing, face-washing and maybe a bit of light reading. Make drinking a large glass of water just as much of a habit; start every meal with a glass of water.

Wake up, have a glass of water. Keep a glass by your sink and have some water before you brush your teeth. Whenever you pass the water cooler at work, you know what to do. Before you leave the house, you guessed it, have a glass of water.  It may sound simple (and result in more trips to the loo) but the health benefits are impressive.


Jazz up your water with fruit and keep a jug in the fridge. The autumn harvest brings a variety of healthy and delicious fruits from apples and pears to cranberries, perfect for infusing your water with. We love this recipe which uses 1 apple, 1 pear, 1 plum and 2-3 sticks of cinnamon which is the perfect spice for adding that extra autumnal kick. On average us Brits look in the fridge 14 times a day. Seeing a jug of water brimming with delicious infusions from the season’s bounty will catch your eye each time, reminding you to have a glass and rehydrate.

Autumn’s lower temperatures may mean a cool glass of water is less appealing, but the fruity flavour brings excitement to the usually ordinary.


We all spend hours scrolling through our phones, browsing away the boredom. Turn this into something useful and set a reminder to drink a glass of water every hour. Your phone has a myriad apps and features which can help you keep on top of your water consumption. An app can remind you to drink more and even, in the case of Waterlogged and Daily Water, help track your intake.


Investing in a water bottle can be a good idea to encourage you to drink more water and keep track of your intake. This also has a positive impact on the reduction of one-use plastic bottles, which are terrible for the environment. Also, it’s going to save you a lot of spare change in the long run, as those daily purchases of branded water really do add up.

If you’re keen to channel the Kardashians or introduce a sense of bling into your water drinking routine, then a crystal water bottle is a great way to nourish your mind and body every time you take a sip of water. The fact you’ll look so damn glam while doing it is, of course, a very welcome bypdroduct.

Make sure you find one that’s dishwasher safe for durability and best hygiene practices.

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