We can’t all live our lives on Cribs, with walk in wardrobes and designated dressing rooms just for our trainers. That said, it’s not overly aspirational and annoyingly ambitious to want a little extra wardrobe space, is it? Indeed, cleverly organised wardrobe storage can transform your home and make simple things, like getting dressed for work in the morning and ready for a night out, feel fun. With that in mind, here are 5 IDEAL ways to add more wardrobe storage space to your home.


Okay, before we talk about adding more storage, let’s get rid of that hulking, space taking elephant in the room; it’s all that clutter you own doing the most damage to your domestic real estate options. So, the best place to start when seeking storage solutions is to purge the clothing items you no longer wear or need. And no, this doesn’t mean throwing stuff away, committed to landfill and contributing to the planet’s inevitable decline. Instead, repurpose items for other uses in the house, donate to charity shops or friends, or recycle them properly.


Now you’ve cleared some space, let’s look at adding more wardrobe storage. A creative way to bring more space to clothes cupboards is to fix hooks on the back of your entries for the purpose of hanging necklaces, scarves, belts and other items that often end up in places where they’re hard to find, like under your bed. 


Not all of your clothes are likely to hang all the way down to the bottom of a wardrobe. As such, there’s prime real estate under shorter hanging items, so group these pieces at one end and the longer ones at the other end, opening up the floor space on one side of your wardrobe. This allows you to fit in a small dresser or shoe rack. Maia Roffey of Black Sheep Interior Design suggests installing a tension rod between the chest and the wall to allow for even more hanging space; great idea!


We’ve gone under, now time to go over. Yep, you can use shelves in the space above your hanging clothes for storing accessories or shoes, too. Shelf dividers can keep things upright and easily accessible. 

Though shelves are the best way to store foldable clothes, they can turn into a messy jumble, especially when you keep pulling out items. Marie Kondo, the organizing expert behind the KonMari method, has ways of folding clothes that may seem counterintuitive at first but that work exceptionally well when you master them; check out her show on Netflix and get inspired! 


If your budget allows, and you want to make the most of the space you have in a room rather than just the space in your current wardrobe, think about investing in a bespoke wardrobe which can be tailored to suit your needs and the space limitations of your bedroom.


  • The corners in your rooms are often wasted. By adding a hanging rod, you can easily create more storage space with little effort or expense. 
  • Seasonal clothing should be stored under your bed trunk until it’s needed again next year. 
  • A shoe organiser has many uses beyond just storing shoes. Roll up bulky items, like jumpers, and stash them away to give you more space in your wardrobe. 
  • Use a portable wardrobe to camouflage clothing in temporary situations, such as when relatives come to stay, or a student comes home for the holidays.