It’s a life defining moment; the realisation that you might be starting to lose your locks. But while in the past, this may have signified a crisis of confidence, bouts of reflection – both in the mind and the mirror – and pseudo scientific solution seeking, now, with the help of thorough scientific research, we know far more about the issue. As always, prevention is better than cure, and it’s never too early to start taking care of your hairline. With that in mind, here are 5 IDEAL ways to avoid hair loss.


On average, most of us can lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day. Occasionally, however, hair loss can be a sign of an underlying medical condition and is often caused by stress. If you’re worried about the amount of hair you’re losing, it’s important to see a doctor, especially if you’re shedding hair in clumps or have developed bald patches. Getting to the root of the problem and understanding the cause if your hair loss can help prevent it.


Nope, we’re certainly not advocating ice baths and freezing cold water when washing your hair. In fact, the thought of that just brought a shiver down our spine. But, blisteringly hot, lengthy showers are doing your hair no favours at all. In fact, they might be encouraging hair loss. This is because they can damage – even burn – the scalp, leading to a thinning of the hair. So, turn down the notches on that dial a couple of digits for safer showering. And, avoid vigorous brushing when you’re out of that shower; hair is at its weakest when wet.

Whilst on the subject, we should also talk about hair straighteners and tongs. Exposing your hair to such intense heat can cause a great deal of damage. It’s also important to note, on a similar theme, that even prolonged exposure to the sun can weaken your hairline, so proceed with caution wherever your hair and the heat meet. 


When in the shower or shortly after, scrubbing your hair too enthusiastically, as well as using cheap cleaning products, can weaken it. On the flipside, a gentle but thorough scalp massage using essential oils can have a positive effect on scalp and hair health. One study has even gone as far as to suggest that such a massage may stimulate hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp. Some of the best oils for the job include coconut, olive, rosemary, lavender or almond oil. While massaging your scalp alone will not prevent hair loss, perhaps the self-care element is what’s important here. 


As with every aspect of your health, a decent, well rounded and varied diet is key to keeping your hair looking voluptuous and vibrant. And yep, you guessed it, an unhealthy diet may lead to a thinning of your locks. Protein is particularly good for promoting hair growth, since hair is made of the stuff; it’s even been said that low protein diets can lead to hair loss. So, make sure you include plenty of white meat and fish, as well as eggs and dairy in your diet. Legumes, nuts and even broccoli can provide the requisite protein if you’re vegan. 

Also fill your shopping basket with food containing antioxidant properties, such as berries, oranges and sweet potato. Finally, omega 3 does wonders for your hair, so oily fish, as well as avocado and walnut should be featuring heavily in your diet.


Not necessarily a last resort, and certainly not as drastic as it was once considered. Indeed, if your hair loss is causing self-confidence issues, which in turn are affecting your relationships or your work, then cosmetic surgery could be the answer. These days, the technology has advanced leaps and bounds, with a variety of interventions now used, including grafting hair follicles from the back of the head onto the scalp, or the more modern use of laser technology to stimulate hair growth. 

Of course, if you’re choosing a London hair transplant clinic, make sure the clinic you’re considering has fully qualified surgeons at the helm, and that they have received government accreditation to practice (all clinics and hospitals providing cosmetic surgery must be registered with the Quality Care Commision). The procedure isn’t as financially obstructive as you might expect, but prices do vary wildly, with the NHS suggesting a cost of anywhere between £1’000 and £30’000. So, check in with a variety of verified providers, get quotes and assess reviews, before beginning the process of getting your locks once again looking luscious. You could also look at less invasive, safer treatments like PRP which uses proteins from your blood to promote hair gross and reduce thinning added a Sydney hair treatment clinic.