Confidence is an attribute so hard to define, let alone pin down. It doesn’t necessarily belong to those in the room speaking most loudly, neither can it be attributed to the person most brave in unfamiliar situations. Indeed, being more self confident involves so much more than simply ‘faking it ‘till you make it’, with a whole host of interlocking, reactive elements at play. With that in mind, here are 5 IDEAL ways to be more confident in 2020.


It might sound counterintuitive – and a little intimidating – to suggest this, but putting yourself out there, into unfamiliar situations and open to new friendship groups is a great way to give that self-confidence a boost. In tougher times and in good, it’s vital that you have a strong support network in place, and by making an effort to meet new people, you’ll only be strengthening those shoulders. If you’re single and seeking a partner but shyness is getting in the way, then don’t be afraid to step into the unknown; check out our dating tips for introverts to get you inspired.


Exercise acts as a fantastic tool for boosting self confidence and making you feel better about yourself. Your fitness plays a significant role in how you feel, how you relate to yourself and everything around you. The science is there to prove it, with recent studies showing with unwavering certainty the link between exercise and good mental health. And the good news is that physical health through fitness can be achieved through a variety of channels.

It doesn’t matter which form of exercise you do, just as long as you are getting out there and moving more. ‘Fitness’ needn’t take the form of gruelling gym sessions and expensive memberships; a simple, brisk daily walk, or taking the stairs not the elevator, can make all the difference. That sense of routine and focus is perhaps as important as the physical gains themselves. Combined, it’s one sure fire way to start feeling better about yourself.


We’ve all got that passion we’ve neglected or new hobby we’ve been waiting and wanting to start. Well, now’s the time to do so. Hobbies offer something to focus on, to nourish the soul, an opportunity to socialise with like minded people and a great starter to have in your conversation kit. Taking a new class can be the gateway to a new social circle as well as skill.

Equally as important, we’ve found that in darker times, re-visiting an old hobby can be just as fulfilling as starting a new one. Dusting off the guitar after some time away offers great comfort and nostalgia. Taking up the painting you sidelined years ago can be the reminder that you’ve got serious skills you haven’t been nurturing recently.


A fantastic way to boost your emotional health and wellbeing is by finding more freedom. Being stuck in the same routine, in a rut and unable to leave the city which you live in easily is bound to have you feeling claustrophobic. If you’ve never learned to drive, then now is the ideal time to take the leap and book lessons, from a driving school like those at Surepass Worcester, and find a new sense of freedom from the open road. 

By choosing to book driving lessons or a crash course from a driving school, you can be sure to give yourself the biggest confidence boost. Plus, driving gives you the freedom to go where you want, when you want, which should help to increase happiness and contentment. 


Though it sounds a little woolly around the edges, time and time again it’s been shown that practicing gratitude is a key contributor to happiness. Indeed, by keeping a daily log of appreciation, the brain becomes rewired to look for reasons to be grateful. In the process, you may well find yourself more grounded, humble, thankful and kind towards the world around you. And self confidence, here, is a welcome byproduct of that new outlook. 

It’s wise to approach this act with empathy, rather than simply going through the motions; if you’ve had a non eventful day, don’t feel compelled to complete your journal. Instead, focus on depth, not breadth, and on people you appreciate, rather than things. In doing so, you’ll notice a gradual, growing warmth towards the world and its often lovely inhabitants.