Christmas may very well be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also one which asks a lot of us. Indeed, no other time requires us to be acting charming and looking radiant quite so often. Conversely, no other time of year leaves us so drained and drawn.

Before the Christmas season really enters ‘full swing’ mode, it’s time to arm yourself with a shield of self-love to tackle the festive fun with your best foot forward. Here’s how; our 5 IDEAL ways to boost your confidence during Christmas.


They say money can’t buy happiness, but having a new outfit – just one you feel super comfortable in – can be a godsend over the Christmas period. A go-to which you can rely on for party season is well worth the investment, we think, since you’ll be socialising and schmoozing a fair bit. It’s prudent to opt for something versatile, and just the right level of ‘dressy’, so it can be worn for several different occasions and formality levels. Just make sure it can stand a few washes before buying! 


Here’s a liberating thought; you don’t have to go every single occasion, works event, drinks do and family gathering. You don’t have to drink that second mug of mulled wine. You don’t have to don a Christmas jumper and smile for the inlaws you avoid for the other 11 months of the year. Whilst not meaning to sound like the Grinch who stole Christmas, remember that it is okay to turn down (politely) the invitations that come your way. Or at the least, be selective about them.


There are few things guaranteed to put a spring in your step more than feeling radiant and glowing. And though it may sound drastic, a proper facial treatment to see you through the Christmas season, like micro-needling, wrinkle reduction or even a lip enhancement, could do the trick rather than the constant, stressful micro-managing associated with excessive makeup application and the rest. 


Did you know a lack of vitamin D can cause your mood to hit the gutter, leaving you lacking excitement for the holidays? Well, that’s not what we want at all. Indeed, if you’ve felt a little glum lately, it might be worth visiting your doctor to have your vitamin levels checked. Many studies show low vitamin D levels are linked to low mood, manifesting itself in Seasonal Affective Disorder, particularly in winter. Consider vitamin D supplements, taking long walks when you can, working closer to a window for that all important natural light exposure, or investing in a light therapy box.


It’s easy to wake up each day and think about all the negative things in the world. Right now, you certainly have your pick of them. But there’s also plenty to be thankful for out there, and research has consistently shown that practicing gratitude has links to an improved outlook on life. Try starting a gratitude jar or journal. Each day write down something you are grateful for on a piece a paper and place it in a jar or box. Try this for a month, and you’ll see how your confidence and contentment lifts. You can thank us later.

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