In the current climate, of unpredictable news, unconventional views and a general sense of unease, we’re all in need of that little bit of escapism. Some turn to meditation, some to a good book, but others have been harnessing a childhood obsession; by using Disney as their way of switching off. It’s not difficult to see why; it takes us back to a more innocent time, when life was simpler, where bills belonged to Donald Duck and not to us, and the songs and dances of its most famous films were written into our hearts. If you’re keen for a slice of the cult cartoons and musical extravaganza so beloved in our childhood, then read on. Here are 5 IDEAL ways to celebrate your favourite Disney movie.


A major component of many of the best Disney flicks were the glitzy, glamorous princesses, damsels, and fairies. What made the films most spectacularly sparkle was often their jewellery. Well, the team at online jewellery retail store Diamond Treats, a family run business, are huge fans of Disney and have recently embarked on a mission to bring some of their favourite, most memorable pieces of Disney jewellery to life. They have drawn some realistic renditions of the most famous designs which you can see here. The thing we love most about this project is how wearable all the jewellery actually is. While they didn’t create the pieces in real life, there’s no reason why you couldn’t have something similar commissioned for you to wear in the real world. We particularly love their design of Cinderella’s dazzling diamond stud earrings, which were created from 18ct white gold encrusted with 18 smaller diamonds and one large one in the centre for good measure. As far as we’re concerned, these studs are timeless, and perfect if you’re looking for something special for your own fairy-tale wedding. We’re also huge fans of their take of Esmeralda’s hoop earrings and necklace. The team at Diamond Treats designed large thick 18ct gold hooped earrings and a stack of thick gold bangles to recreate Esmerelda’s look – they are simple yet bold and wearable for nearly any occasion, from festivals and beach parties to a night out on the town. And while the Queen of Hearts is by far from everyone’s favourite character, no one can deny the great job that Diamond Treats have done of recreating her gorgeous golden drop earrings. Made from solid gold and designed in a long curved triangle shape, it’s bold enough to stand out from the crowd and the soft edge design will complement almost any face shape. 


Remember staying up all night with your friends and watching your favourite Disney films over and over again? Pillow fights, gossip and the rest? Well, you know what’s coming next right? A marathon session these days usually refers to an afternoon and evening in the pub, but instead you could host a back-to-back Disney movie watching session, taking in as many movies you can possible fit in. In total there are 57 animated and of feature length, with the average running time clocking in at around 100 minutes. So, that’s nearly 4 whole days of viewing without breaks…….we can handle it, can you?


Of course, part of the fun of Disney is that it was best enjoyed with friends, singing along, learning the dances and perhaps even memorising every single word of dialogue to practice together. A communal experience, make no mistake. And we’re sure you’re not alone in that feeling. Ask most of your friends how they feel about Disney and the answer will be enthusiastically affirmative. So, why not throw your other Disney obsessed friends a themed party and bring the magic of the films to life? Of course, you could have a central theme around your favourite film or encourage friends to come dressed as their favourite character from any flick they choose. The choice is yours.


Who says you need to have a child to go to Disneyland? For adults, it’s a place to embrace nostalgia, innocence and the optimism of youth. Plus there are plenty of things designed for adults to enjoy, so there’s no guilt in arranging a trip there with your friends and having a glorious reliving of your youth. Fine dining, spas, bars and of course, electrifying shows and adrenaline raising rides all await. Now, is it going to be Paris or California?


Sure, it sounds simple, but sometimes the best ideas are just that, right? If you dream about seeing your favourite film on the big screen again, then you could arrange your very own screening. In London, there are a handful of screening rooms for hire where you can hunker down with some popcorn, prosecco and choose whichever film you prefer. If you’d rather something a little more interactive with an excuse for sophistication, then consider a theatre trip; top theatres in the capital have a number of Disney classics, like the Lion King and Cinderella, on nearly constant rotation.

Rachel is the beauty and fashion director at IDEAL. She loves trying new products and is an avid fan of London's fashion, from the high end to the high street.