Sure, we’re all so well versed in the value of exercise that we needn’t list the benefits, both to your physical and mental wellbeing, once again. But even with utter confidence of just how good working out is for you, it can be still challenging to motivate yourself to exercise, with other distractions such as work, family life, and all those entertainment options getting in the way. Fear not. You are a superhero, and you can juggle all of it, with these; our 5 IDEAL ways to encourage yourself to exercise.


The best catalyst to commitment out there comes for free; a fitness buddy. Because let’s face it; positive peer pressure is one hell of a motivator.  And going to the gym or setting off on a jog with a partner or friend simply makes exercise more fun and less of a chore. Not only does having an exercise partner provide a social aspect, but it will also stop you from cancelling your fitness plans whenever temptation comes calling. If you can’t find a fitness buddy, consider hiring a personal trainer to put you through your paces. 


We know what it’s like; looking for any and every excuse not to get up, out and exercise. Raindrops on the windows? Result. Early morning meeting? Just this once. Gym kit not packed? No chance am I doing it now. 

So, while you may not be able to control the weather or have as much autonomy as you’d like over work, you can make things easy for yourself, motivation wise, by having everything set up and ready to go the night before. That means having your work clothes and lunch laid out and ready, as well as your gym bag packed, including toiletries, a water bottle and your headphones. You can also have a snack ready to eat, and coffee waiting to be brewed. Then it’s as easy as rolling out of bed and onto the treadmill. 


If you need a constant reminder to exercise regularly, and that gym buddy of yours is prone to the same occasional slackness as you, then you should consider investing in a smartwatch. Smartwatches can track your fitness throughout the day by monitoring your step count and heart rate. They also send you alerts when you need to exercise to achieve your fitness goals. If you’re unsure which smartwatch is right for you, online comparison guides such as Superwatches’ guide to Samsung Galaxy Fit vs. Fitbit Inspire HR will enlighten you on the differences between two of the best competitors on the market.


It can be challenging to exercise daily, especially for those who have busy schedules or who are unable to dedicate a certain amount of time to exercise each day. But routine is sloth’s worst enemy, and simply getting into one can really push on your exercise regime. So, do your best to devote the same time each day to your exercise, such as before work or before you go to sleep, as this will increase the likelihood of completing your exercise regime. The best time to carry out exercise is any time that fits effortlessly into your schedule, as this helps you to focus on your fitness and exercise on a more regular basis.


Lastly, self-motivate by rewarding yourself for your dedication every now and then. This can provide you with higher levels of motivation to work out and can make you feel as if your goals are more achievable. You should set a small reward for yourself as this will ensure that you’re not deterred by any inability to meet impossible tasks. Even better, exercise-themed rewards can encourage you to work out more often to use your new products. Some of the best reward ideas include buying a luxury healthcare product, such as skin cream, or investing in athleticwear.