We all know that marriage lives longest with compromise. Everyone has their own set of weird quirks, odd preferences and challenging habits needing to be tolerated if the holy union is to survive. But you know who’s not judging you for your strangest, most irritating behaviour? Whose love is truly unrequited? Yep, you guessed it (from the title perhaps), we’re talking about your pet. As such, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to include that furry friend in your wedding day.

Whether you choose a llama to ride into the venue, or get your favourite pooch to confirm yours and your partner’s love by acting as a ring bearer, having animals at your wedding day can add a truly unique touch to the occasion. With the help of Lake District Country Hotels, who provide wedding venues in Cumbria, here are 5 IDEAL ways to incorporate animals into your wedding day. 


All across the land, dogs and cats have become an essential element for animal-loving couples looking to say, ‘I do’. Often, this is expressed via their four-legged friends acting as wedding ring bearers. Some couples even choose to get their beloved felines and pooches dressed up, with replica bridesmaid dresses and suits becoming a popular novelty for couples who just can’t bear the thought of leaving their companions at home or in the kennels. Of course, always check with the advice of animal welfare experts before bestowing such responsibility on your pet.


If bearing the ring might be too much for your furry friend to (ahem) bear, then why not allow a more freeform expression of your commitment, by allowing your pet to roam down the aisle behind you. Should their temperament be on the shyer end of the spectrum, perhaps a best man, bridesmaid or the figure you’ve chosen to give you away could bring the animal along in their arms for the ride. Either way, we’re sure your pet will love being included (and relish all that extra attention!).


Buying wedding gifts for a couple is so passé. These days, most newlyweds live together before they get married so they already have the traditional wedding list items like a kettle, toaster and lots of cutlery. Of course, you can use your gift list to upgrade to a better toaster or to donate to your honeymoon – but bear in mind your wedding could already be costing your guests a small fortune if they have to pay for travel, accommodation and a new outfit.

There are, however, some gifts people are more than happy to give. An increasing number of couples are including a charity of their choice as the focal point of their wedding themes. Their idea is to arrange for charity registries that let the guests make a donation to a noble cause instead of giving gifts to the couple. This, again, is a unique idea that makes the wedding memorable not only for the couple but also for the cause they support. If the happy couple are animal lovers, then the choice of charity writes itself.


Some couples may even choose to make their venue an animal haven, by choosing animal sanctuaries or petting farms as the venue for their big day. By doing so, you can enjoy having a whole host of fluffy friends, from micro pigs to lambs and more, as wedding guests. The big day’s photos will be suitably cute as a result! Just make sure to check if the animals are tolerant of the noise, hustle and bustle which the later hours of a wedding usually involve.


Instead of your guests putting their pups in a kennel for the duration of a wedding or having the hassle of finding an expensive dogsitter, make your wedding a dog-friendly one. Hire a professional to look after your fluffy friends on the day and take them for walks. You could even create a dog-friendly menu full of canine favourites and doggy treats for a real tail-wagging celebration. 


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