Does your foundation and concealer seem to slide right off your face halfway through the day? Or does your makeup go all patchy and uneven? Are you spending more money on expensive products in hope they will last for longer only to be sadly disappointed?

We’ve got news for you. No matter what products you use, if your skin isn’t probably prepped and you don’t use the right setting products, your makeup won’t stay put. Follow these five steps to help make your makeup last all day long.


Throughout the week, oil and dead skin cells can build up on your face. This can lead to an oily and uneven surface which makeup hates. Give your face a quick rubdown with a warm flannel everyday to remove any excess oil and dead skin cells – this will help your products go on smoothly and stay on. We also recommend exfoliating your skin a couple of times a week to get rid of any excess dry skin.


Some people don’t moisturise before they apply makeup because they believe it will cause their makeup to slip. This is a common misbelief. Moisturiser actually smooths your skin, providing the perfect canvas for your makeup and helping products to stay put. The trick is to give the moisturiser enough time to fully absorb and sink into your skin. If you don’t, products applied on top of it will not last as long as they should/could.

Top Tip: If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to let it absorb, blot your face with a tissue after moisturising to make sure there aren’t any wet spots.


We love primer. It’s an absolute heaven-send when trying to combat shine. Starting with a good primer also provides a smooth surface for your foundation, helping to keep your makeup in place. It also creates a barrier, giving it greater staying power. Lots of people don’t use primer because they don’t think it’s worth spending money on. However they couldn’t be more wrong. You probably waste more money reapplying your makeup.


A little powder helps prevent makeup runoff. It also provides a flawless finish. Use your powder sparingly, as a little can go a long way. A soft dusting will do.


The last and final step to all-day makeup success is to finish with a good setting spray. We know what you’re thinking, setting sprays are one of those products that were just invented by beauty companies to make more money. However, believe it or not – they actually work. Setting sprays are specifically designed to prevent makeup meltdown by locking it in place – just like hairspray.


We unknowingly touch our faces hundreds of times during the day. By touching our face so much, we disturb are makeup and wear it down. Try your best to not touch your face as much.

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