‘Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow’. It’s a malapropism which seems to evoke an even greater sense of loss and longing than the correctly delivered phrase. This is particularly pertinent to those suffering from the early onset of baldness. Though it’s an affliction largely left out of the public discourse, it can be one which severely affects the swagger and self esteem of the sufferer. Any tips on how to keep your locks luscious, then, would be greatly appreciated, right? Well, here they are; our 5 IDEAL ways to prevent hair loss.


If you want poker straight hair, it can be tempting to reach for the blow dryer or flat iron everyday, devotedly. Equally, if you want luscious curls, hair tongs are no doubt your go to tool. We don’t have to tell you that over time, however, exposing your hair to such intense heat can cause a great deal of damage. Indeed, straighteners and curlers can cause hair breakage and worse, loss, leaving your locks looking thin and brittle. Be wary that even prolonged exposure to the sun can weaken your hairline, so proceed with caution wherever your hair and the heat meet.


When under the warm water of the shower, there are extra precautions you should take to avoid hair damage. For a start, scrubbing your hair too enthusiastically, as well as using cheap cleaning products, can weaken it. There are shampoos available which are said to lessen the look of hair loss – none have been clinically proven to actually reverse it – and these are a good bet if you want to give the hair you have left a fuller complexion. Check out Marie Claire’s guide to the best out there over here.


Following a wholesome diet could be one of your most loyal allies in the fight against hair loss. In particular, a diet rich in proteins, vitamins and mineral salts provides the hair with all the nutritional elements that it needs to be kept in shape. Put simply, what you eat will affect the quality of your hair, consistently and resolutely, so you should make sure you follow a well-rounded diet plan. 

Adding more protein to your diet can help you to have healthier, stronger hair. And while meats which we’re advised to avoid, such as pork, chicken and beef, contain a lot of protein, you can still find the requisite goods in other foods like cheese, broccoli or nuts. Keep it varied, interesting and delicious, and your hair will thank you for it.


Underestimate the first symptoms of hair loss at your peril. Conversely, nipping issues in the bud can greatly slow the onset of baldness. Too much hair in the comb, on the pillow or in the bathtub drain? Maybe it’s time to have a check of the scalp; a thricological examination could help you achieve that all important early diagnosis; the first precondition to prompt you to act quickly and stop hair loss before the process becomes irreversible.


Alopecia, the largest cause of hair loss, currently doesn’t have a therapy. It’s a hereditary condition, and this means that it cannot be stopped, reversed or rewound. The only effective remedy is reimplantation, such as the one provided by Biofibre® Hair Implant. Throughout the years, the Biofibre implant technique has proved to be the most effective and enduring treatment for every kind of hair loss, no matter how serious it is. This is mainly due to the biocompatible material of which it’s made. Thanks to it, risk of clinical complication is minimized.