Are you a fresher? Or did you just graduate? Are you on your gap year? Or a mature student? No matter which stage you are on, a student needs to make use of their many privileges – such as having the time and freedom to go travelling across the globe. Indeed, this is the perfect time to explore what this big magnificent world has to offer, since for the majority, many of your major adult-life responsibilities are still quite far anyway. 

Students have an endless wish list of travel goals they want to fulfil. Yet, they take a step back due to expenditures. Are you one of them? Then don’t fret. We have got you covered! One of the plus points of being a travelling student is that you can avail student discounts at any given moment.  My Favourite Voucher Codes are your best source to get notified on all things cheap and affordable. They even made a student travel guide that comes in handy for your travelling plans. With this in mind here are 5 IDEAL ways to save while traveliing on a student budget. 


Most of your travelling budget is sucked in by those hunger pangs. We suggest that you cut off fine dining experiences and gobble down the street food. Not only is the food cheaper, it is also often tastier. Indeed, don’t always assume that a restaurant will serve the best food as some of the best dishes you’ll find are on the street. And if you see a bunch of locals eating somewhere, chances are it’s good.

Don’t discriminate and let places with questionable looking hygiene put you off. Accept that for the first few days you’re bound to get a bit of a funny tummy. It’s true of any country you’re not used to – they are full of bugs our western bellies aren’t accustomed to, just deal with it and get over it. The food is worth it.


The worst time to travel is when school’s out; places are packed with families and airfares are at a high. Therefore, try to travel in low season. This opportunity can arise if you strategically select your classes and make use of an expected long weekend off-season. You could even consider booking a trip to a less “fashionable” destination which can cut your travelling costs in half without compromising on the experience.


Everyone has a reason for visiting a country, be it to sample certain foods or see some sights. This is why you must streamline your itinerary according to your tastes rather than the hype. Moreover, lots of tourist spots are low on entertainment and high on cost and additionally, they are super crowded all year around.  While planning, preparation, strategy and foresight; not exactly words which chime with the spontaneous, carefree approach to travelling, a little planning and focus can go a long way when it comes to being budget savvy. Indeed creating a master wish list of things to do and see will ensure you can make the best decisions on the day based on where you are, your budget, and how you feel.


Do your travelling plans revolve around day-long activities? Then there point on wasting your money on fancy accommodation. You should try staying in hostels, Travelodge or inns which generally have a really inclusive, friendly vibe where you can meet likeminded people. Also consider combining your travel plans and sleep – think night buses and sleeper trains. 


Pooling in on trips can sound great but they often lead to peer-pressure, arguments and bored friends. This is why you can take a step forward and travel solo.  This decision allows you to make guilt-free decisions that have only your satisfaction as the end goal. Even when you are travelling with a company you can take advantage of tired friends and go on walkabouts on your own.  That’s it!  This is all you need to know to make that cost-effective trip you had been dreaming about.

Hurry up before your responsibilities catch up with you!