For a generation prone to procrastination, who put off packing for their holiday until they’re in the car on the way to the airport, the actual, physical prospect of moving house can be overwhelming. So much so, in fact, that one in four of those aged between 20 and 34 haven’t even escaped the nest yet.

Of course, that’s a tenuous causal link and should be scrapped from the record, but the fact remains; upping sticks can be a stressful, strained experience. Well, we’re here to help. Here are 5 IDEAL ways to take the headache out of moving house.


‘I can manage this’, before the beloved family heirloom smashes into a thousand pieces on the floor.

Indeed, someone, somewhere right now is arguing with a loved one about moving house. With every packed, repacked and packed again box, with every dropped sentimental ornament and broken down rental van, with every temper flared over the right position for the ill fitting new sofa comes an even iller thought out divorce. And that’s a fact.

The moving and manoeuvring needed for upping sticks isn’t something you want to boldly carry on your shoulders alone. All that shifting and lifting will only leave you with a slipped disk or sore back for your troubles. Rather than enlisting the help of friends and family (which only passes the burden of risk, rather than negates it), it’s prudent to bring in services that specialise in house removals to help with the bigger and heavier items.


If you’re bidding farewell to a rented property, then it’s almost certain that your landlord will have an inventory that they’ll want to check. A dreaded part of the process, indeed. It’s crucial that you get this sorted and out of the way well ahead of the time you actually move out. Finding that a cupboard door is damaged and needs replacing, or there’s a giant stain on the carpet which needs professional attention, will make for a huge amount of stress in the middle of a move.


Getting rid of the clutter and junk which has held pride of place for far too long can be a really valuable byproduct of moving house. As the old saying goes; ‘with a tidy house comes a tidy mind’, so embrace this chance to start afresh without that massive teddy bear you won for your ex-girlfriend at the fair or the box of vinyl you never, ever listen to. We’ve written about why decluttering is so important over here; check it out!


Although the other side of the move might seem like a long way away, a little foresight goes a long way when you’re packing up. To get to the unpacking part and be met with random boxes in random rooms of varied shapes and sizes and no logical organisation, is to crush a spirit which has already been stretched and strained by the moving process.

This soul destroying part can be avoided by a fastidious, obsessive commitment to codifying and labelling when you’re packing up your life. At the very least, you’ll want to have boxes arranged by room, but if you’re going to get OCD about it, by item. For instance, a box dedicated purely to the living room bookshelf is going to be much easier to unpack and reorganise than one containing a golf club, toothbrush, some crayons and a sieve.


Everyone hates moving. Some simply accept it’s going to be arduous and approach it with a stiff upper lip. Others choose to ease the load and make things a bit more fun by entering into a moving house pact with their nearest and dearest. Sharing the load is the name of the game here, a ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ mentality, if you will.

Perhaps have the promise of something fun waiting for you all at the end of a gruelling day of lugging and loading. What could be better than opening a bottle of bubbly and exploring the takeaway options delivering to your new abode?