With the days growing shorter, the leaves falling from the trees and a long, cold winter approaching, now is the time that the seasonal blues tends to rear its ugly head. The perfect excuse, then, to focus on your wellbeing with extra gusto. This one is all about seeking warmer climes or getting cosy at home, indulging in a little retail therapy and socialising, and eating all the food autumn throws at you. Want to hear more? Of course you do; our 5 IDEAL ways to treat yourself this season. 


Surprisingly, with summer being the ubiquitous getaway season, autumn represents one of the best times of year to travel for so many. Indeed, the comfortable and mild weather, when it’s not too hot and not too cold either, means it’s the perfect time for wandering around cities or exploring the great outdoors. 

In autumn, travel and hotels tend to be cheaper since it’s technically the ‘off-season’. Moreover, going on holiday when the leaves begin to fall means avoiding summer crowds and the annoyances that go hand-in-hand with the tourist hordes. Yep, the autumnal months are a wonderful time to visit many far off places and some that are closer to home. If you’re looking to cut down your travel carbon footprint, why not take the train to somewhere in Europe or make it a ‘staycation’.


Being warm and cosy is essential to those feel-good vibes you’re seeking this autumn. Indeed, the cooler, darker nights give us all an excuse to stay in and snuggle up under a warm duvet with a good film; the perfect semi-hibernation that this time of year demands. 

Bringing both texture and warmth to your house for autumn, both practically and aesthetically, is a must, not only because temperatures will be dropping faster than you can say ‘fall’, but also as indoor aesthetics start to take more precedence during the shorter days and longer nights. Anything from new cushions in autumnal hues to thick, fluffy bedspreads and throws can give the requisite feel and ambience you’re after. Consider investing in some new lamps or dimmer-controlled lighting so you can adjust the light levels to suit your mood – low and sultry for an evening in with your lover, bright and vibrant to unleash energy at the start of the day.


It’s no secret that food makes us happy, and who doesn’t love being wined and dined? Autumn sees the release of the year’s Bib Gourmand and Michelin guide, giving you dependable tips on the upper echelons of the U.K’s restaurant scene. No doubt, these restaurants will be cooking with the flavours of autumn, which brings with it some of the most interesting dishes of the year. It’s game season, too, which means venison, boar, pheasant, partridge and grouse will be on the menu. Be sure to book in advance, don’t arrive full and get ready to indulge yourself in a wonderful meal to beat the onset of the autumn blues.


For most a new season means a new wardrobe, but we’re not encouraging you to hit the high street. In fact, we should all be cutting down on the things we buy and forgoing fast fashion.  

But who can deny the positivity that a bit of pampering brings? There’s nothing wrong with taking a look inwards from time to time, letting go and just spoiling yourself. So why don’t you treat yourself to something timeless, that you’ll cherish for a lifetime, something that could become a family heirloom? With the longer nights and darker mornings it can sometimes be hard to know what time of day it is, so consider buying a Tissot watch. Or, how about some amber jewellery to finish off your autumn outfit with one of the season’s most popular shades?


Autumn is the perfect time for evenings by the fire pit and toasting marshmallows on the bonfire. It’s also a beautiful time of year, visually. The magical misty mornings and crisp, clear days of autumn are ideal for walks in the countryside. However, it doesn’t last for long and soon you’ll probably be stuck indoors more than you’d like as winter rolls into view. 

Go make the most of it with your loved ones and really enjoy the season. Spending time with your friends is important for your health and well-being and will make you, quite simply, feel happy. Autumn also yields a harvest of seasonal foods like butternut squash, pumpkins, apples and blackberries. Why not arrange a weekly dinner date with pals to forage, pick and cook with the season’s beautiful bounty? That sounds like heaven to us.


We know that it’s impossible to squeeze more hours into the day, but in autumn we seem to have more time in the evenings than we’ve gotten used to. Sociable summer schedules are a thing of the past and the busy festive season has yet to begin. Make sure you use this time for yourself, then. From taking a long bubble bath to cosying up in front of the fire with your favourite book and a warm hot chocolate, treating yourself to some ‘me time’ is important.