ideal ways to treat yourself

Summer is over and winter is coming (cue Game of Thrones theme tune). Right now we’re getting into Autumn. The nights are drawing in and the darker days can really take a toll on your emotional well-being. If there was ever a time for a pick-me up, it’s now. With this in mind, together with Time and Place, we share 5 IDEAL ways to treat yourself this Autumn.

Take a Trip

Before the long cold days set in, why not treat yourself to a dose of sun somewhere warm. Autumn is the ideal time to get away for that final blast of sunshine and to avoid those annoying summer revellers. The throngs of tourists thin meaning you can enjoy the sights without having to queue and can grab that prime position by the pool without having to fight off sun-bed nabbing tourists and their beach towels. With children back to school, the lower season usually means plane tickets are considerably more reasonable than the summer months. If you need a little guidance on where to go, here’s our pick of IDEAL destinations to beat the heat and the crowds this October.

Visit a fancy restaurant

It’s no secret that food makes us happy. Who doesn’t love being wined and dined. Autumn sees the release of this year’s Bib Gourmand and Michelin guide, giving you dependable tips on the upper echelons of the U.K’s restaurant scene. Be sure to book in advance, don’t arrive full and get ready to indulge yourself in a wonderful meal to beat the onset of the Autumn blues.

Make your room all cosy

Being warm and cosy is essential to those feel-good vibes you’re seeking this Autumn. Snuggling up under a warm duvet with a good film is the perfect semi-hibernation that this time of year demands. Consider investing in some new lamps or dimmer-controlled lighting so you can adjust the light levels to suit your mood – low and sultry for an evening in with your lover, bright and vibrant to unleash energy at the start of the day. A new rug or bedspread will add that extra, much sought after feeling of hygge that those Scandinavians have mastered.

Enjoy the season and spend time with your friends

Autumn is the perfect time for evenings by the fire pit and toasting marshmallows on the bonfire. It’s also a beautiful time of year. The magical misty mornings and crisp, clear days of Autumn are ideal for walks in the countryside. However it doesn’t last for long and soon you’ll probably be stuck indoors more than you’d like. Go make the most of it with your loved ones and really enjoy the season. Spending time with your friends is important for your health and well-being and will make you feel happy. Autumn also yields a harvest of seasonal foods like butternut squash, pumpkins, apples and blackberries. Why not arrange a weekly dinner date with your friends and cook with the season’s beautiful bounty?

Make time for yourself

We know that it’s impossible to squeeze more hours into a day, but in Autumn we seem to have more time in the evenings. Sociable summer schedules are a thing of the past and the busy festive season has yet to begin. Make sure you use this time for yourself. From taking a long bubble bath to cosying up in front of the fire with your favourite book and a warm hot chocolate, treating yourself to some ‘me time’ is important. Here’s a list of 30 little things to start doing for yourself that will make the world of difference to your month.


Rachel is the beauty and fashion director at IDEAL. She loves trying new products and is an avid fan of London's fashion, from the high end to the high street.