What defines a ‘trend’? Because surely, once something finds its way into an article like this, it’s already known by the wider public? Spotlight very much already stolen, we think. But in terms of wellness, the goalposts are forever shifting, tastes changing and scientific opinion evolving; it can be hard to keep up.

Indeed, every year brings new challenges to improve and become a better version of yourself. Self care is about evolution, rather than reaching a finite, tangible goal. Best to keep moving with the times, then, with these 5 IDEAL wellness trends set to steal the spotlight in 2020.


Meditation; practiced for centuries, hugely popular in recent years…can we even call it a ‘trend’? Perhaps not, but that’s not going to stop us extolling its virtues at every turn. Science agreeds; research has shown that meditation is effective in reducing stress, anxiety, and promoting emotional health, so it’s no wonder its popularity is on the rise. Beginners might feel a little intimidated by the thought of meditating on their own; that’s why guided mediation is the best way to get started. Check out our tips on the best meditation and mindfulness apps out there today. 


People have been turning to plant-based medicine to cure what ails them for, well, ever. It’s certainly hard to ignore the hype around CBD right now, and the market for CBD products is expected to grow even more in the next years. People are becoming more educated on the topic, and they no longer associate cannabidiol or CBD with its psychoactive relative, THC. Indeed, though the studies are yet to be conclusive, CBD has the potential to deliver health benefits, and there’s no ‘risk’ of getting high from it. Right now, it’s being cited as an alternative treatment for various health issues such as inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, or seizures.  

There’s a wide range of CBD products on the market, each with different methods of use. People usually buy CBD oil because it’s easy to use, and its bioavailability is higher than with other types of CBD products. That said, you’ll find a vast array of delivery vehicles, from CBD tinctures and pills to creams, gummies, and even CBD drinks.


Technology has made our lives infinitely more manageable, but we can’t turn a blind eye to the drawbacks, either. Genuinely, it’s impossible to turn away from our phones. We are always surrounded by technology at all times, and smart devices follow us everywhere, making us spend an unhealthy amount of time staring at them screens. This can lead to many health issues such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, and even depression. 

Of course, banning technology entirely from our lives is not something we can realistically consider, nor something that we should desire, as technology is not intrinsically bad. Since it’s the dose that makes the poison, people are becoming more aware of their relationship with smart devices, and many are promoting a new trend of digital detox. What this means is that you can use devices more mindfully, keeping track of how and why you use them, and establishing healthy boundaries. 


Seeing red is usually associated with an angry mind, not one of tranquility. But thanks to red light therapy (RLT), those connotations might be set to change. If you’re not familiar with this wellness trend, let us explain what it is and why you’re going to hear more about it in 2020. When you undergo RLT, the body is exposed to low wavelength red light that is absorbed through the skin and into the cells, making them work more efficiently and supporting regeneration. Therefore, RLT is being used primarily for treating skin-related issues, but it’s also been proven effective for speeding up wound healing, reducing pain and inflammation. 

RLT devices are becoming widely available in gyms, spas, or wellness centers. Still, as the trend continues to grow, there will be more RLT products on the market designed directly for consumers, so it will be easier for people to enjoy red light benefits from the comfort of their homes. 


It’s no news that being in close contact with nature can have lots of positive health benefits. However, our city-based lifestyles tend to keep us further away from enjoying nature’s wonders, forever suffocated by the urban jungle. City dwellers spend so much time confined to small spaces at work, then straight home to experience a different kind of isolation,it’s no wonder that those in this rat race have a higher risk of developing chronic diseases, anxiety, stress, or depression.

So, if you want to avoid becoming an indoor zombie, ecotherapy provides a way to help you spend more time in the open and improve your relationship with nature. Ecotherapy is based on techniques such as horticultural therapy, wilderness therapy, exercising, or meditating in nature to help you overcome different health issues. Sounds like heaven to us.