Oh, take us back to the summer; lazy, hazy days spent laying on dry ground, the mercury breaking records, our footballers almost doing the same, and our hair; long, luscious and manageable. Fast forward a few months and the unpredictable winter weather combined with dry indoor air has wreaked havoc on our locks. To prevent the frizzed, end-split look, it’s important to bear a few simple routine tweaks in mind. Here are 5 IDEAL winter hair care tips.


A beauty benefactor that’s never truer than in winter; ample hydration. You should drink a lot of water to stave off the dreaded dry hair (and skin, too). Just as plants need water to grow and thrive, so does your hair. Getting enough hydration into your body will eventually reach your hair, leaving you will thick, confidently growing locks. Dandruff will also be reduced due to stimulation of the surface of your head, preventing a flaky, dry scalp . Drinking enough water, it seems, is key to hair health.


A mantra to remember with regard to both shower and house temperature. Firstly, if your shower head is running piping hot, the water will shock your scalp, possibly even burning it. And no one wants that. It’ll also dry out your scalp and hair, making it brittle and damaging the roots. In some cases, it’s also speculated that really hot showers may eventually lead to hair loss. So take care of your hair now, to avoid more drastic measures, such as GetHair, later down the line.


The same rules apply to your appliances. When possible, try to let your hair dry naturally after washing as cutting down on heating appliances like hairdryers and straighteners will keep your hair moisturised and soft. Constantly moving from the cold outdoors to the warm, dry indoors in winter can affect the hair so reducing your hair’s exposure to further extreme changes in temperature will keep your hair healthy.


Yep, we know the winter hat is fashion as well as functional, but it’s important you choose one which will both protect you from the elements and not do unwelcome damage to your hair. A hat which is too tight, or made from material which doesn’t let your scalp breathe, is going to be detrimental to hair health, regardless of the snow, wind, and rain which it blocks.


We all know the story. You’ve had your shower and you’re in a rush to hit the town; there’s not enough time to wait for your hair to dry, and you’ve been advised (above perhaps?) not to overdo the appliances during the winter months. The only solution, then, is to step out with hair still wet. Big mistake. Firstly, you’ll catch a cold you crazy thing. But more importantly, going outside with wet hair can do serious damage to your hair; when wet hair meets freezing cold conditions, it becomes less supple and much more vulnerable to breakage.