If you’re thinking of a winter honeymoon look no further. These dreamy  destinations are proof that you don’t need a tropical paradise to have a romantic honeymoon. Here are 5 IDEAL winter holiday ideas.


For all the horror addicts like us, the best honeymoon would be set in a Dracula-esque castle in Romania. Transylvania has such a long history built around the story of Dracula, with so many attractions to visit, most importantly Bran Castle. Vampires are the sexiest villains after all, so you can also do some reenactments of your own – just lay of the garlic.

Besides castles and vampires, Transylvania itself is an utterly enchanting place.  It feels as if you’ve stepped back in time, into an unspoiled medieval landscape of ancient oak forests and provincial villages with Gothic churches and horse-drawn carts. In winter, the landscape is especially beautiful and fairy tale like – think white fields that glitter in the sunshine and towering mountains topped with snow. Transylvania is famed for its towns with therapeutic waters; Bear Lake in Sovataare is particularly famous and its mineral waters are rumored to help with fertility – handy if kids are on the cards now you’re married. 


Iceland is a fantastic honeymoon destination, especially if you’re an outdoorsy couple. Taking a trip to see the magical Northern Lights will light up your world (just like your recent marriage) and the winter months are the best time to see the lights. For any couple, relaxing in the steamy waters of the blue lagoon and soaking away any post wedding stress is a must. Also, what better way to celebrate your marriage than taking a adventurous drive around Iceland’s Golden Circular which features some of the most romantic landscapes in the country, guaranteed to get your heartbeat racing. From the breath-taking Gullfoss waterfall, geothermal lagoons with hots springs to unique cultural activities, Iceland has it all.


Most people think spring is the ideal time to visit Japan when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, however winter is a magical time too. The city is illuminated with festive lights and ice skating rinks pop up all over the place. We particularly love the one in Tokyo’s midtown in the middle of Roppongi where they play music matched with a variation of coloured lights, creating a wonderfully whimsical atmosphere.

Japan is famous for it’s fresh seafood and oysters are no exception. Spending your honeymoon slurping down these little aphrodisiacs from places like Hokkaido, Miyagi and Hiroshima before going back to the honeymoon suite is heaven.


Prague is the ultimate fantastical setting for a honeymoon and it only gets better in winter when the snow starts to fall. The Gothic architecture, the stunning castle, the bohemian vibe; it all adds to the enchanting nature of the city. Newlyweds can cozy up in the beer halls, and drinking pivo (Czech beers) is a must. Dining out in Prague is also quite cheap, so you can have as many romantic meals in quaint, candlelit restaurants as you please. 


Hailing from the UK, Scotland isn’t the first place for a honeymoon we think of. However, think again. With beautiful scenery, a rich culture and all that whiskey, is it really any wonder it’s so popular with newlyweds? While cities like Edinburgh may be the obvious choice for most couples, we’d like to throw Loch Ness in to the mix. Doesn’t hunting monsters and staying in a romantic spa hotel sound like a fun honeymoon? We think so, certainly.